Ablazing Suns and Fire

Ablazing Suns and Fire

Solar fire, deva fires,
ablaze above the horizon
cosmic mental fire
explosive sparkles among stars.

The midnight sun
ablaze the night
of sapphires blue
a mystery concealed.


Electric fire
descends through the crown,
spiritual fire
higher flame divine,
descends through the crown
of the tree, tree of life,
tree of death,
Aflame the spinal tree
in the earth deeply rooted
aflame the midvein
electrified leaves
full of starlight.

Bonfire in the night
upon the motherly soil
fire by friction.

Burning leaves
flickers in the darkness
between dancing flames,
fires of destruction.

Etheric fires of purification,
internal vitalizing fire,
frictional fire
like the burning flame
of candles lit in the night.



1) Multiple exposure of the midnight sun on Lake Ozhogino in Russia
Image of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midnight_sun

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