Autumn Cleanse Slow Juice. And Burning Autumn Leaves. Toxic World.

Autumn Cleanse Slow Juice Fasting. Toxic world.

Juice pictures in the end of post.

Our body is the temple for the soul, spirit. A temple of living cells, vital important organs, lymphatic system and

The autumn beckon a new period, and an ending of the preexisting. Cleansing coldness, winds and rain, in
the outer earthly planetary bodies. A natural period for more introspection opening to winter time, northern hemaspehere.
The leaves fall from the trees, a dying, a shedding, a decay.
The leaves changes colour from green, golden yellow to burning red.
Like fire leaves, burning leaves.
Fire has destructive and purifying qualities physical and metaphysical.
While we in true eternal inner selves are seasonless, our lower or outer (subtle) bodies physical, etheric, emotional, mental
are influenced by ´post Atlantean configurations´ on this planetary plane, causing these cyclic seasonal changes of nature. Air,
fire, water, earth, ether. A yogi or integrated soul, higher self is less influenced by these cyclic impulses though

Our world has ´fallen from pristineness´ in may ways, with high toxic pullution both in the air, earth, and waters,
genetic modified crops. and many ecolabels allow CMS hybridization, cell fusion of different sorts vegetables with others
by use of par ex chemicals, genetic technologies and electricity. The Demeter biodynamic organic certification mark does not
allow these Cms hybrids, some others have forbidden it too. Plus a great deal of the general populations self chosen unhealthy
life styles, or many may just follow commercials promoting hybridized gmo foods, processed foods and unhealthy habbits,
subliminal programming through adverstisments.

Generally speaking a high amount of vibrant organic raw foods can or may be suppotive in healing /vitality for the organs,
cells, blood et cetera and supportive of the the bodys own self- healing abillities, regnerative. Raw vegetable foods with prana,
and organic to avoid pesticides, herbacides, gmo et cetera. And also what is called adaptogenic herbs or adaptogenic
berries, plants, raw powders ´adaptogenic plant medicine´ can or may support the body, psyche, nervous system et cetera in
self-healing and strengthening.
A juice fast on organic raw vegetables and fruits can be a nutrient boost, fast absorption of nutrients. and relief the body
for much energy proccessing for organs, that can or may allow /activate a period of greater self healing, detox of blood, organs,
cells, reduce inflammation, greater clarity through out the subtle bodies (astral, mental, emotional). Old thought patterns and
emotional patterns that may be useless or not good for us anymore, reflect also holistic into our physical bodies, organs and
cells and cause effect or may block etheric energy flow.

If not a full raw juice fast, juicing til midday or longer may also benefit the body in cleansing and releasing toxins in coherence
with the nightly natural liver and other internal self cleansing.
Waterfasting til 12 pm may also support the bodys natural nightly release of toxins.
For 17 years + till 12 oclock midday, to support the bodys natural detox/ cleanse system, Ive had just fresh made organic green juice or low fructose/low GI fruit, berry juice/smoothie. ( + coffeee )

Without a juicer an organic nutmilk bag can be used to filter a blend from a blender.

Clear quarts herkimer crystal in my hand.

Starting a period of 12 days organic juice fasting in a few days, preparing the last days
3/ 4 juicing starting from morning time and 1/4 raw organic salads or advocado smoothie at 4 pm. Like organic romaine salad with pistachio cream and nourishing hydrating cucumber salad with raw olive tomato sauce pictures below.
I live on a plant diet primarily raw vegetable, low in fruit (and low glycemic fruit, glucose,sugar). People that dont live like that may benefit
from a longer period of preparation / transition.

This post is not meant for curing illness, always seek medicinal practioner advice for cure or treatment of any illness.

In the photo above with the Slow Juicer Grapefruit Juice.

” How Does Grapefruit Play a Role in Detoxing?
When it comes to detoxing in the classic sense, grapefruit is one of the best fruits to help your liver and kidneys clear your blood of impurities. Scientists
attribute that to its high level of pectin, a gelatinous fiber that sticks to toxins in the blood and flushes them out of the body through the urine. In one
study, citrus pectin increased mercury elimination percent within 24 hours. . .”
Other studies have been made of citrus pectin, that citrus pectin can increase urinary secretion of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic.

Organic Romaine /Pistachio Salad, with cream of blended raw soaked pistachio nuts, ekstra virgin
coldpressed olive oil, himalaya salt, black pebber, fresh green jalapenjo. Raw cashew nuts great alternative to pistachio.

Organic Hydrating Cucumber salad with Raw Tomato /Olive sauce ; sliced cucumbers with a potato peeler,
sauce of blended tomato, kalamata olives, fresh green jalapenjo pebber, black pebber, ekstra virgin coldpressed olive oil, one plum.

Raw Organic Advocado Autumn Smoothie below or Raw Soup ;
Advocadoes, ekstra virgin coldpressed olive oil and fresh spinach leaves, green pepperfruit, cucumber,  
pinch of pink himalaya mineral salt. # raw, # organic, # plantbased, # healthy plant fat,
Activated organic coconut carcoal on top. Activated organic charcoal powder, can be used in organic
veggie capsules or pure organic powder form for a detoxification every once in a while, to absorb toxins.

Some examples of organic juices I have been making below. Inspiration for raw vegetable / fruit detox juices can be found on the
internet, combined with individual likeness of ingreedients.

1st three, Mango juice, Carrot and organic hawthorn berry raw powder, Beet carrot celery juice.

Next three. Cucumber fresh ginger fresh spinach leaves fresh lemon.
Cucumber tomato green asparagus 3 kalamata olives. Carrot and raw acai powder.


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