Seed and Law Part II. The Emperor. And the seeds of corrupted leaders.

Seed and Law II. The Emperor.
And the seeds of corrupted leaders.

Corrupted seeds give
corrupted leaders,
Spirit to gene.
In seeds spirit or lifeforce is reflected,
Solar prana, pranic seeds.

Look into the world of objective manifestation,
to the leaders of the world.
Look into men leaders.
Look into man.
Look to ´heaven´.
Seeds of untruth is planted into the collective.
Corrupted or false knowledge.
From many places.
Corrupted seeds.

llluminate, regenerate / degenerate, darken ;
Blood, genes, soul, atoms, cells, organs, centers, lines /lineages,
groups, systems.

The Emperor leads himself,
Embodiment of invisible spirit,
invisible laws.
In his reflection ;
law and truth, action, consequence, .
He is with nature, and universal natural laws.
The emperor embody the law and spirit.

( the emperor symbolic pictorial cards understood)

Solar seeds
Solar prana
Pranic seeds.
The sun
Light and radiation
Light magic
Lunar seeds
Shadow and reflection.
Moon shadow.
Dark magic.
Solar chains
Lunar chains.

Some terrestrial leaders, could appear like carrying
´demon seeds´, spliced seeds, or ekstra planetary
non-terrsstial seed.
Drone seeds.
Metaphysical artificial inseminations.

The emperor
embody law, truth and spirit.
The law is not a letter on a dead piece of paper
The law is living.

Spliced seed, hybrid seeds, ´dead pranic´ seed.
Pranic dead seeds
Devoid of life force and spirit.
Create shells for the soulless
to manifest.

Genetic modified seeds,
Create modified bodies.

Tree bodies,
earth bodies
plant bodies.

The emperor allow not ,
genetic modified crops,
genetic modified trees or plants.
Gene spliced seeds, birthing
cold phantom worlds
without spirit and life.

Genetic modified crops
is not with the law and the spirit.
The land of the emperor is fertile ;
The Empress.
(symbolic pictorial card ref.)
Care and love for the soil, and plants.
cosmic physical connected.


Seed and Law. Part I

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