Seed and Law Part I

Seed and Law.

Star seeds fell through the eye,s
to the soil.

Creational seeds fall from above.
Thought fire.
Seed thoughts.

And karma seeds,
Differentations of what is called
karma; black, grey, white ´karma
seeds´. Many of the collective are
from one perspective,
´dark magicians´ , some more
conscious, some more unconscious.
Law, action, effect, attraction.
´False karma lords´
have come into existence.
Laws may try to be broken,
but truth can break unlawfullness,
law can break unlaw.
Lawfullness to what ?
The law, natural law, cosmic law,s
Most manmade laws are useless,
not rooted in truth.


kama- manas lower mind + desire . . . creating more iillusion,
glamor, . . . desire based suffering.

Karma is also ´built in to the body´ (´create future bodies´) ,
we inherit the organs we created individual, or collective/ line.
llluminate, regenerate / degenerate, darken ; Blood, genes,
soul, atoms, cells, organs, centers, lines /lineages, groups,

Seed and Law Part II

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