1st Book of Urizen W. Blake. / Inner alchemy. / Gematria.

1st Book of Urizen W. Blake.
Inner alchemy, Gematria.

The [First] Book of Urizen
Engraved 1794
Preludium to the First Book of Urizen
Of the primeval Priest’s assum’d power,
When Eternals spurn’d back his Religion,
And gave him a place in the North
Obscure, shadowy, void, solitary.
Eternals! I hear your call gladly.
Dictate swift wingèd words, and fear no
To unfold your dark visions of torment.

The [First] Book of Urizen / Blake
Chap 1

1. LO,a Shadow of horror is risen In
Eternity! unknown, unprolific,
Self-clos’d, all-repelling.
What Demon Hath form’d this
abominable Void,
This soul-shudd’ring Vacuum?
Some said its is Urizen.
But unknown, abstracted,
Brooding, secret, the dark Power hid.


In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded
words and phrases can hold multiple values
and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

Demonic god urizen = 1036
Prophecy update = 1036
System failure = 1036
Enslavement = 1036
Evil church = 1036
Mindcontrol false truth = 1036

Spiritual alchemy = 1036
Inner alchemy key = 1036

Spiritual alchemy = 1036
Inner alchemy key = 1036

The Lovers and The Tower,
Death, destruction and transformation,
Theres a reason
The Hanged Man dies with a smile on his face,
Ancient symbolic pictorial cards . .

The hanged man = 249
Anointed = 249 The hidden king = 249
Sacred king = 249 The cobra = 249
Magic birth = 249
I am the Sea = 249

Inner cosmology of stars and sapphire real great magic = 1998
Sun and moon chemical wedding day = 1998

Cosmos = 313 Sapphire = 313
Alchemical marriage = 313 Eternal flame = 313
The magic kingdom = 313 Light path = 313



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