Cultural, Religious and Spiritual Parrots.

Cultural, religious and spiritual parrots.

Cultural parrots, repeat something dead.
Culture is already dead, a product of time
spirtually dead laws and codes,
of indoctrinated dead co /existence,
blindfolded followers, of neon light writings,

Ancient laws of nature, and trees . . . unknown,
forgotten, lost.

Religious parrots,
reapeat dead messianic messages
locked in time, form and plane,
fake messiahs scripted  to their unbeknownst.
Religious glamor fixed false beliefs and dogma,
Archon angel, arch angel whispers, whispering,
in the winds . . .
The ventricles of air in the head, has lost vitality,
echoing hollow messages, of decievement.

Nature, supernature, science,. .
Ancient esoteric laws and understanding  . . .
unknown, concealed, veiled, lost.

Archon angel = 255 Archangels = 255
Fallen angels = 255 Fake messiah = 255
Eden false godhead = 255

In Gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded
words and phrases can hold multiple values and
meanings on multiplelevels simultaneously.

Spiritual parrots reapeat dead messianic messages too.
With a new age twist, and love bombing brainwash.

Spiritual parrots repeat various words and dogma
from self hypnotised,
slow motion dead mindstates, like real silence
is a dead state of mind.
No fire, no light, no spontanity of the living spirit,
or of the life energy itself.


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# Fake messiah = 255,


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