Sacred Trees Incense, Oils and Resin.

Sacred Trees Incense, Oil and Resin.

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Natural Blue Lotus incense left picture ; watery, sweet, ethereal,
powdery, light. Light blue aquamarine crystal and clear quartz
mountain crystal.

Agarwood Tree.
Natural Agarwood incense right picture.
Dark, primal, resinous, balsamic, ethereal, sweet, earthy, woody

Nervine, sedative, clarity, meditation, variety of natural holistic,
medicinal use, spiritual use of agarwood oil, tree, resin since ancient
times, pain relief, stress relief, healing, tranquillity.

Clear herkimerquartz and celestine crystal.

Agarwood Tree.
Oud Resin, Tree also known as Aloeswood.

Incense sticks above of lotus, agarwood and oud, handrolled,
ethically made,, 100% chemical free, on a natural plant base,
´temple grade´.

Aromatic Oud Resin # Agarwood tree

Excerpt of Water flower and Tree. Agarwood and Blue lotus. Resin,
incense and oil

Palo Santo Tree
Natural Organic Incense.

Balsamic, woody, spicy, subtle sweet, primal, citrus hints.

Purification, banishing, meditation, tranquillity. pain relief, stress relief,

Clear quartz mountain crystal with the incense sticks. handrolled,
ethically made, 100% chemical free, ´temple grade´ .

Palo Santo Resin

Palo Santo translates as Holy Wood.

Palo Santo Tree

Organic palo santo oil, clear quartz mountain crystal and blue
angelite crystal bracelet in picture above right.

Palo Santo ethical harvested, ie using only the palo santo trees
that have naturally fallen.

Important in regards of these beautiful ancient healing and purifying
trees; Myrrh, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Agarwood, Copal et cetera
to be aware of ´etchical harvest´ , and not contribute to further

Sandalwood Tree Natural Organic Incense.

Balsamic, sweet, earthy, woody, creamy, warm scent.

Sandalwood ; antibacterial, antiseptic, sedative, strong nervine,
tonic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral. expectorant, clarity, meditation,

Sandalwood is used for purification, healing, sacred oil, anointing oil
and medicinal, also in ancient time in india, egypt, greece, was also
used in ancient egypt for embalming ritual, death and funural.

Clear quartz mountain crystal with the incense sticks. handrolled, ethically
made, 100% chemical free, ´temple grade´ on a natural plant base.

Sandalwood Tree

Myrrh Resin.

Balsamic, medicinal, resinous, earthy, ethereal scent.
Oil, resin used since ancient times for healing,
incense, salves, medicinal healing, purification and banishing.

Black Frankincense Resin.

Earthy, woody, piney,  citrus, ethereal, resinous scent.

Black Frankincense has been tested to eliminate bacteria and sterialize
rooms in hospitals, where Juniper was often used similar in the middle
age with its antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal oil proberties, also for
banishing of evil spirits and protection.

Copal Resin.

Pine, citrus, clean, medicinal, sweet, resinous scent.

Cleansing, banishing, purification, medicinal. meditation, healing.



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