Water flower and Tree. Agarwood and Blue lotus. Resin, incense and oil.

Water flower and Tree.
Agarwood and Blue lotus. Resin, Incense, and Oil.

Blue Lotus
Watery, sweet, ethereal, powdery, light.
Nervine, sedative, pain relief, insomnia, tranquillity, relieve muscle
tension, anxiety-relief, anti-depressant, related to the alkaloids
nuciferine and aporphine.
Blue lotus oil and flower has been used medicinal since ancient time.
Egyptian sacred water lily symbollicaly connected with birth, rebirth
and transformation, used also for temples and meditation in ancient
Light blue Aquamarine Crystal and clear quartz mountain crystal in the
three pictures below. Natural organic blue lotus incense. handrolled,
ethically made,, 100% chemical free, on a natural plant base,
´temple grade´.

Lotus image of wikipedia

Agarwood Tree,
Oud Resin, Tree also known as Aloeswood.
Dark, primal, resinous, balsamic, ethereal, sweet, earthy, woody.
Nervine, sedative, clarity, meditation, variety of natural holistic
medicinal use and spiritual use of oil, tree, resin since ancient
times, pain relief, stress relief, tranquillity.

Aromatic oud resin.

Clear herkimer quartz crystal and blue celestine crystal in picture above.
Natural organic Agarwood incense. handrolled, ethically made,, 100%
chemical free, on a natural plant base,

Agarwood Tree

Image above screenshot of google

Incense sticks above. Organic handrolled, ethically made,100 %
chemical free, free of any synthetic aroma or colour, organic
essential oil on a natural plant base, ´temple grade´.

If incense or essential oil is not 100 % pure natural quality organic
grade, it compromises any health benefits, healing, and airways,
masseproduced incense often with syntectic aromas, toxins, fillers
and binders, even glue.

Important in regards of these beautiful ancient healing, purifying
trees ; Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Frankincense, Agarwood,
Copal et cetera to be aware of ´etchical harvest´, and not contribute
to further exploitation.

If burning incense, for health good to let in fresh air open window
and especially also if having pets, not good for them with lots of
smoke, a little burning of an organic high quality grade, ´temple grade´,
pure incense stick or piece of tree goes a long way, for the airways
and to preserve these nature gifts of healing and purification and not
use more than is felt needed.


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