Holy Olive Tree

Holy Olive Tree

The Sacred Olive Tree, its Oil and its Olive Fruits has always felt,
precious to me. For internal and external nourishment, protection,
and healing.

To grow a holy Olive Tree from seed. Planted a seed from organic
olive today. Planted one on the 30th of april,
takes 40 days to germinate. Drying the olive stone 1-2 day,
crack it open for the seed inside. Plant the seed an inch or two deep,
place in sunny area, let the soil be well drained.

How to grow an olive tree from seed.

The organic Olive seed planted april 30th, has germinated 12.05,
didnt take 40 days as described in the video in in original link.
Blessings of holy olive tree, welcome to this world.

“Fossilized olive leaves from a tree that was alive 60,000 years ago
on the Greek island of Thera (Santorini) are immortalized in the
volcanic ash that encased them after an eruption.”


Olive flowers,
Olive flowers have a beautiful medicinal balsamic sweet pure scent.
Dried can be burned as incense.

White Sage & Blue Sage, purifying and cleansing herbs.
Clear mountain crystal, blue angelite crystal and Olive Tree,
with Flowers.

Blue angelite and celestial blue stones.

Olive tree with green olives.

The cat and I have olive trees and lemon trees to care for.
20 olive trees and 3 lemon trees. It is great to be surrounded by
the energy of olive trees.


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Evi Island, Greece.

The Greek Islands, highly treasured place on this earth
think parts of old atlantean place.

Gidaki Beach ( Ithaca, Greece ), and walk down to it through
the olive tree path ways.

Great Green organic juice with kalamata olive; Fresh spinach leaves,
tomato, fresh green chilli, kalamata olives, water.

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