Globe earth / Flat earth

Globe earth / Flat earth.

Nasa stand out.

Credit to whom made the two images above, I dont know your names write me for credit or removal.

What do you think or feel, par ex visualize the earth below your feet, respectively
round and then flat, feel it for a while ; the inner body compass can tell along with
your higher self feeling. Or lay down on the earth and feel both.

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can hold
multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

Globe deception = 360 False info no ball = 360

( ´Funny´ GD = 360 . . .as in ; degree round / rotation . . .ie deception 360 degree . .)
( So it is said ; ” The Earth has to rotate 361 degrees between noon on one day to noon on the next day.
The 360-degree rotation is called the sidereal day. ” )

Space hoax globe deception = 878 Sky deception charade = 878
Revealed agenda = 878 Computed operator = 878
Four earth corners = 878 ?

Revelation 7:1, After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds
of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree.

Global space hoax = 618
Space is a hoax = 618 ?
Secrets kept hidden = 618
Sealed top secret = 618
Surprised ? = 618
Globe ball shaping deception = 618
Computers = 618
Flat earth in sphere ? = 618
Photoelectric effect = 618 ?

( ” An astronomical telescope that uses the photoelectric effect to gather light, and then to present
the finished image on a screen.. . The first electrical detection of starlight was made by William Monck
in Dublin in 1892, using a photovoltaic cell. However, the photoelectric potassium hydride cells made
by Julius Elster and Hans Geitel in Germany marks the beginning of stellar photoelectric photometry in
1912. ” First lines in link

New NASA images show the earth’s Electric Light show.

NASA | Earth at Night

Gregorian Calendar Fraud = 724
Zodiac hint = 724
A decoded number fraud = 724
The lock the key = 724
This is confirmation =724 A high tide raises all ships = 724
Alters course = 724

This ; ” A high tide raises all ships = 724 “, could on one level refer
to ´flat earth´ .

Billionaires going to space hoax = 1116 ?
Psychological operation = 1116
Deceptiveness = 1116
They didnt see this coming = 1116
Look into freemasonry = 1116
Self improving ai = 1116
There is truth to be told = 1116

Moon landing fraud = 582 ?
The great deception = 582
Corrupted = 582

Inner reflections = 582

Apollo 11 moonwalk montage produced by NASA

Everything should be questioned even ´space´.

Early Ideas About the Shape of the Earth. Different cultures,
civilizations and religious views + ” United Nations Flag.
A flat world order.”

High conspiracy alert !
Given the idea; the earth is a flat plane, in a domelike athmospheric
surrounding, (and ´space is a hoax´) maybe there never were any real
clouds, but engieneered or manufactured from the beginning.

There are no real clouds = 847 ?
Opening the curtains = 847 The veil = 847 Covered = 847

So could it be true they were ´manufactured´ from the beginning and
then much later their changing appearences became a conspiracy of
engineering ?

On the idea earth is flat in an athmospheric dome, and ´space is a hoax´,
´where´ is earth then ´located´ ? Everything could not be as it seems
because of holographic inserts or readings on false planetary or false
astrological records, and false ekstra planetary memory/ history discs
+ decieving images from nasa of earth and ´other planets´.



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