Pendulum swings of corona, ´victim awake´ vs inner awakening with shadow awareness and transformation.

Pendulum Swings of Corona,

´victim awake´ vs inner awakening with shadow
awareness and transformation.

Back and forth the Pendulum Swings . . . .and the
masses with it, C is a soeciety critical sickness, C
is not a society critcal sickness, it is, it is not by
´law´ determined.

Being ´awake´ to what is happening ´to you´ focus
only, is not equal to ´inner awakening´ with shadow
awareness & transformation of what ´you´ (we )
may be doing to others, the nature, animals and
planet, but enable victim identity . . . and for many
continuing the same programmed cultural distractions
and ways and habbits.



´Restriction lift´ many go out and party like 1999 but dont
see 1984.
(1984 george orwell)

Freedom trucker convoy psy op = 2561 ?
Undercover operation forced vaccines = 2561 Most secret mk ultra mind control
at work = 2561 Controlled opposition trucker = 1368 One world order = 1368
Also the word ´occupy´ is used, the ´occupy movement´ was a psy op, controlled
op. A question is also what happens meanwhile restrictions being lifted many
places and ´convoy distractions´.

Controlled opp payed trucker = 1490 Successful strategy =1490 The rings of
power = 1490

Do you see, one of more objectives surfacing behind the controlled
truckr opp. implementing of new laws ie. the one staute giving police
and banks more power, possibillity of freezing demonstrant bank account,
see how such implemenetations is part of greater agenda plan indtroduced.

The animals would also like to march for their freedom on this planet, how
do we organize that ? I mean a real march not controlled opp.

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