Coincidences and Synchronicites.

Coincidences and Synchronicites.

Not all coincidences are co-incidences, some are synchronicites.
Can synchronicites be good or bad, is there light patterns, dark patterns
the latter could also be seen as (´leading to´ ) upward spiral, downward
spiral or loops. Being centered or being centered at will, its all observable,
neither good or bad, more neutral, or isness, liberatedness, depending on
the one who intuitively intepretates, and read the ´signs´, can be giving for
healing and self-awareness either way. Wrong deductions and incorrect
reasoning can create errors in the subconsciousness and distort further
registrations, conclusions and conscious thought until corrected.

To the idea of patterns ( light /dark ), on one level can also be added
´attractive forces´ .

Chaos, orders, patterns, systems, does coincidences exist at all ?



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