Blue Angelite, Angel Stone. Celestial Blue Stones II

Blue Angelite, Angel Stone II. Celestial Blue Stones.

Celestine, Clear Quartz Mountain Crystal.
Aquamarine crystal, Celestine and Clear Quartz Mountain Crystal.

Blue Angelite and Herkimer Quartz.
Celestine, Blue Angelite and Herkimer Quartz.

Dark Blue Sapphire & Blue Angelite.
Dark blue like the evening heaven or cosmic night.
Angelite and Aquamarine Crystal
Aquamarine Crystal

The temple cat and I have crystals on the walls.
I am thankful he is happy, healthy and wake up full of life energyevery morning.
A loving, caring, playful cat, crystal and plant keeper, also a naughty cat boy and
destroyer, a maine coon cat that makes ninja jumps against the walls, got him as
a rescue cat at 8 months old, now he is 3,5, he is like a walking ray of sunshine.

Hanging Plants & Hanging Crystals, frequency holders.
I like plants and crystals in my place and absolutely nothing else, but was is
basic necessary.

( guardian cat )

Plants hanging from circled space window ceiling,
reminiscent of ancient times.

Credit to whom took the circled window ceiling photo, I dont know your name,
write me for credit or removal.

White Sage & Blue Sage, purifying and cleansing herbs.
Clear mountain crystal, blue angelite crystal and olive tree.



Blue Angelite, Angel Stone and Clear Quartz Crystal. Celestial Blue Stones. I

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