Santa claus chimney invasion = 1980

Santa claus chimney invasion = 1980

Cats are protectors, guardians see, sense things, and dont take orders
ie. internal authority.

Church, – religion ; do as we say or go to hell.
State ; do as we say vax or be corona isolated, expelled.

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can
hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

Did you ever think about Santa comming down the chimney ? I have.

Santa claus chimney invasion = 1980
Sodomy a satanic occult qliphoth ritual = 1980
The horn blows but not all hear = 1980

Cats are Ancient Guardians, Protectors of Temples, and Homes.

Cats are taking down Santas pedo village.

Compare child on santas lap = 766
Read the transcript = 766
Satan moloch an abomination =766

Santa Claws = 1246 Satan claws = 1246

I see many differentiations of ´satanism´ par ex ;
Slaves of materiality, greed, lust – symbolically of ´satan´ .
Paedofilia Another

Satan = 232
Santa = 232
In his name = 232

Ho ho ho break the black magic spell = 666
Prophecy  = 666
The mind control agenda of cia = 666
The gates of hell are open  = 666
The brotherhood seal  = 666

Naughty Cat pushes christmas toys off shelf.
Not these but some of the ´shelf elfs´ actually look evil or nasty (frequency ) lol

The evil shelf elf conspiracy . . .

Evil shelf elf mk = 934 ( mk = mind control )
Force of evil = 934

Funny Cat vs Elf on the Shelf

Cats Who Knock Things Over! (A compilation)

´Holy holiday seasons´ high mk ultra programming activations.



To whom made the cat meme, I dont know your name, write me for credit
or removal.

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