White Sage, Rosemary and Palo Santo.

White Sage, Rosemary and Palo Santo.

Three sacred, purifying, healing, protective, balsamic oils of nature.
For incense, healing protective body /aura mist, sacred balm, salves.

(my favoured scents )

White Sage and Rosemary organic pure essential oils.
Palo Santo wildgrown, essential oil diluted in organic jojoba oil.

Clear Mountain Crystal,Quartz and Blue Angelite Stone.

The oils have medicinal abillities, antibacterial, antimicrobic, soothing,
balsamic, calming, anti stress, pain relief, anti inflamatory, anti fungal,
anti viral, antispasmodic, disinfectant, tonics, balancing, relaxing,

Banishing oils to clean spaces, places and air.

The Palo santo ethical harvested, ie using only the palo santo trees that
have naturally fallen.

Important in regards of these beautiful ancient healing trees; Myrrh,
Frankinicense, Sandalwood, Agarwood, Copal et cetera to be aware
of ´etchical harvest´ , and not contribute to further exploitation.

White Sage & Blue Sage, purifying and cleansing herbs.
Clear mountain crystal, blue angelite crystal and olive tree

Black Frankincense has been tested to eliminate bacteria and sterialize
rooms in hospitals, where Juniper was often used similar in the middle
age with its antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal oil proberties, also for
banishing of evil spirits and protection.

Myrrh ; precious balsamic, scent, oil, resin used since ancient times for
incense, salves, medicinal healing, purification and banishing.

Myrrh is effective in home made toothpaste, ie a few drops myrrh pure
organic essential oil dissolved in organic coconut oil, with a drop of
organic rosemary pure essential oil stored in refrigerator in a glass jar.

For healing, mists, protective sprays, or rooms sprays for clearence,
dissolve a few drops pure organic essential oil in purifed water, par ex
with a little colloidal silver in a glass spray bottle.

Without essential etheric oils for salve or balms, dilute pure organic herb,
plant, resin, or flower powder in a neutral organic vegetable carrier oil
par example almond oil or jojoba oil. Store in a cool /cold place, small
batches that doesnt need any preservation.

Important with pure organic essential oils, otherwise health benefits are

# holy palo santo tree , # protective, healing, purifying oil,
# double terminated 12 sided clear mountain crystal,
# angelite stone, # aquamarine crystal,

angelite in the inner circle, aquamarine in the two outer circles.

Palo Santo translate as Holy Wood.

The Tree of Life and Elixir Within.

Eternal Light Tree.

Together We Will Live Forever – The Fountain.

Cleanse my place with white sage every morning and before night,
one sacred leave go a long way. Burned today a little of this soothing
tibetan 100 % natural handmade incense after of pure medicinal plants
and ´holy herbs´, harvested in respect for nature.

# organic, medicinal, healing, purifying, only natural plants, herbs, resins,
no tree stick for more pure burning.

If incense is not 100 % pure natural quality organic grade, it compromises
any health benefits, healing, and airways, masseproduced incense often
with syntectics aromas, toxins, fillers and binders, even glue.


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