Austria National Covid Karma = 1630 . Gematria.

Austria 1st country in Western Europe to demand vaccination of ALL citizens
´by law´. Im trying to look deeper into it with gematrical probabillity, par ex
´National Karma´. In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and
phrases can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously.

Austria National Covid Karma = 1630

Austria National Covid Karma = 1630
The akashic records wisdom = 1630 Apocalypse events = 1630
Were going back to Atlantis = 1630 The final judgement is this time = 1630
The light versus the dark = 1630 Fallen angels omega world battle = 1630
Corrupt government = 1630 The beasts mark president joe biden = 1630

Austria Covid Karma = 1369 Reveal hidden truth = 1369
Bill gates death vaccine face masks = 1369 Covid jab = 1369 Certifiably evil = 1369
The total transformation program = 1369 Decode nwo program = 1369
One world religion = 1369 Deceived by satan = 1369
Covid nineteen hoax = 1369

“National karma” played out, in the ” end times script” .

Nwo vaccine hell script = 2146 Profoundly immoral and malevolent = 2146

I drew a tarot card, universal pictorial symbols, online for ´the message´ .

The Tower XVI understood as Universal Symbolics.
Death waits not for those unwilling to die,
Change happenes regardless of those unwilling to change
Symbolically The Tower XVI.
The Lightning and
illumination comes from above ; Electric fire, Spiritual fire.




The great white brotherhood corrupt. ? ( as is much else here infiltrated
and coruupted for a very long time ´posing as light´ ).

The great white brotherhood satanic = 2009 Untruthfulness and insincerity
= 2009 The rider upon the white horse = 2009 And will bring their fears
upon them = 2009

Corona Identity Vaccine = 1652 Great white brotherhood = 1652
One step away = 1652

Corruption exist in high places = 1436 New order of the ages = 1436
We are in the end times = 1436 The prophecies have been broken = 1436

Externalization of the ´shadow government ´, Nwo.

Also the idolatry, glamor and ´worship of masters´, to me idolatry = satanism.

Credit to whome made the meme, I dont know your name
write me for credit or removal

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