The great slime invasion & The zombie apocalypse = 1399

The great slime invasion = 1399 The zombie apocalypse = 1399

Slimy things. There are a variety of ´slimy manifestaions´ in this reality
field. ´From out of space´ ? lol ´the great slime invasion´ ? to slime being
fabricted, or infested, contaminated in the earth and water, incl human

Different formations can come out of or grow from, earth and water, . .
and also from slime.

Formations can also come out of metal + inorganic nano metal chemestry.
And of clay the latter eg raising an army of claymen in atlantean time by

The great slime invasion = 1399 the zombie apocalypse = 1399

On another level, gematria can have multiple meanings, on different levels
simultaneously ; maybe zombie doesnt look zombie, ie there are many
walking around out there in a ´zombie state´.
So does ´slime´ cause ´zombification´ ?



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