Total hospital collapse prophecy = 1524 . Gematria.

Total hospital collapse prophecy = 1524

Total hospital collapse prophecy = 1524 = The global
agenda hospital collapse prophecy

Hospital collapse agenda = 645 Skynet = 645
End game isolation camps = 645

Nwo hospital collapse = 1577 Dictated by authority
= 1577 Sustainable development = 1577 Radical left
wing socialist = 1577

Nwo hospital collapse agenda = 1635 Cults of the shadow=

Global hospital collapse = 687 The end
game communism = 687

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and
phrases can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels

This is ´conspiracy theory´ or truth ?
Truth, and also doubt and in some cases fear has been sown
around vaccines, not only by the ´true anti vaccine people´ .
But the Government it self combined with news media have
so far to be noticed also created propaganda fear, doubt,
confusion about the vax . Par ex with doctors payed to lie on
both sides ( ie controlled opposition) ; can have had the
objective of effecting resistance to vaccine in order for
furthering the ´agenda´ to create hospital collapse by means
of firing staff as one way, among other objectives.

What can cause ´hospital collapse´ ; on the immediate surface
level, par ex firing of staff due to refusal of vax, combined with
massive flare ups of ´covid symptoms´.

Of course something is not a ´conspiracy´ or ´theory´ if it shows
or is revealed as truth, only by ´those´ who wish to surpress truth, ´
can´t handle´ the truth, or wish to discredit the truth or the one
speaking it with such a label.

Financed fraud anti vaccine doctor fake lied = 1657
Payed to lie matrix doctors real = 1657
Corrupted truths purified lies = 1657
Knowing the truth = 1657
Corrupt news media = 1657
The controlled opposition doctors censored = 1657
( = Dark times an easy trick to fool the people = 1657 )
Knowledge of the numbers = 1657
Words are numbers = 1657
Five g is a submission tool = 1657



In german Sachsen, hospitals are so pressured that the head of the doctor
counsil talks about implementing War-Like Conditions in other words
patients are divided into 3 kategories; 1 ) Those who can survive without
treatment, 2) Those who can survive with treatment, 3 ) And those whos
condition is hopeless. War-Like Conditions in full actuality mean ; 3rd
kategory will not ´get treatment´. What does it also mean implicit ; that
” War- like conditions ” can enforce further or new epidemic laws and
restrictions ?

Excerpted of ´Conspiracy Theory´, Truth & Gematria.

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