Blue Angelite, Angel Stone and Clear Quartz Crystal. Celestial Blue Stones. I

Blue Angelite, Angel Stone and Clear Quartz Crystal.

Celestial Blue Stones.


Angelite and Aquamrine

1st photo circles and crystal all aquamarine. 2nd photo outer circle angelite crystal in center aquamarine.
3rd photo angelite and silver bracelet on clear mountain crystal (quartz).
3 stones top left dark blue sapphire . . celestial blue stones, all 3 associated with heavenly reflection.

Raw Angelite Stone.

Celestial Blue Stones & Emerald Green, ´ Celestial Geometry ´.

in sunlight.

The celestial Blue Sapphire has since ancient time been associated with
´heavenly reflections´ , both the light and dark blue.

Angelite is formed from the blue Celestite (Celestine ) that has been compressed
for million of years. The geodes further below are celestine. Angelite connected
with various healing.
Connected with throat, 3rd eye and crown, connected with math and astrology.

Angelite, a calming, soothing, powerful stone.
My cat has his own angelite he sleeps with, he has his own little set of crystals.

Celestial Blue Celestite, Celestine & Angelite.

My cat´s favorite crystal is angelite, and rosa quartz his number two favourite.
He guards, greets and cuddles the crystals we have.
In the room where we rest at night, we have no electronic devices only plants
and crystals.
Hanging plants and Crystals . . . are great to hold frequency, purify and also
beautify . . . in a temple place . . . . or sacred space.

I feel like its ´ in my blood ´ to create temples. The physical body is the 1st manifestation, on
this level, of the soul or higher self temple, a temple of light. .The physical body ; a temple of
living light if purified, transformed, build, or rebuild into higher or finer matter substance, or
´reconfigured ´ back to a more´ source- coded- immortal- state ´ or ´ blue printed ´ version
as ie.before the planetary Atlantean fall..The purification of the Physical Body Temple, is also
connected with purificationof the etheric, emotional, astral and mental body along with
´to have . . . magnetic purity´ .


Blue Angelite, Angel Stone II. Celestial Blue Stones.

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