The Tower XVI

The Tower XVI

Before the temple can be rebuild, it must be destroyed,
Death waits not for those unwilling to die,
Change happenes regardless of those unwilling to change,
Symbolically The Tower XVI.
The Lightning comes from above ;
Electric fire, spiritual fire,
The veil of the temple was ripped from above,
As there are lower fire, there are higher fires . . .

All Identities must die . . . eventually . . .
The ´lower identities´ before ´ the higher identities ´. .
From death s to life, transitionings from one state to another,
Proceedingly, revelationary,
The first birth is into the darkness, the second into the light,
The fire burns when it is night, the fire burns when it is bright.

When the higher identity or higher self is integrated there is
no ´death´. Like there can be no ´falling asleep ´at night, when
the body rest, but conscious shifts from one plane / or from
one state to another; stabillised at higher self level / consciousness,

– Elena

XVII The Star
Revelation, perfect meditation, inspiration,
purification and refinement of the senses
are one level some of the symbolic keys
in the card



A death process, in one manner of understanding, is release of matter ,
aggregations of matter, in the lower bodies or giving back planetary matter, if
the death is not finality on physical plane life, it can also withold inbuilding or
transformation into finer matter substance and release of all attachments to
the ending personality . .

*Temples like´ aggregations of matter on different levels´ that can be build, or rebuild,
used and destroyed.

After death, ´crucifixion´ obliteration, transmutation, purification, sacrifice´ of ´the lower
egoic personality´, can allow ´after a certain point ´ the soul or ´higher self ´ to be without its ´
lower reflection´

Towards the Within  ……  in matters esoterically, symbolically, occult,  metaphysical and
somewhat literal, and metaphorical  …. words can never describe fully …. weather written in
poetry, allegories, metaphors or ´concrete knowledge´.

The Keys to the mysteries  and true knowledge are within, for each to find, experience …
on their own path. A thousand books can be read, or lectures heard but if Knowledge is not
Internalized to be made ones own and experienced, realised, and eksternalised into ones own
practice it remains just words and theories.

A sacrifice ´of the lower´ is always an act of free will
a free willingness to Higher self will, spiritual will, divine will be done ( thy will not mine ) or Higher
Will to Service.

Thy will not mine is an ancient universal key, as long as there is a lower nature that can be surrendered
to a higher, internal; nature, consciousness, identity, source, namelessness.

Burning allows removal of veils /filters , through burning of the Inner Fire (s ) higher & lower fires.
Allows the Spirit within to be without its ´lower soul reflection /densification´ .
Veils e.g. between ´ internal selves /higher selves. … Or veils bewteen subtle bodies ´, veils between
worlds /dimensions /spheres / layers etc.

Through Transmutation, fire and sacrifice,
onward shifts to higher and higher polarizations (from lower egoic polarization to Soul (higher ego)
polarisation, to spirit/-monad (´higher self of the soul ´ ) consciousness polarisation etc.

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