Slavery, Evil, Hypocrisy, Planetary Devestation. State, religion, man, animal, nature.

Slavery, evil, hypocrisy, planetary devestation. State, religion, man, animal, nature.

It is apparent to hear what a great deal of humans think of their governmental and
state opressors, not least atm – ´c -19, nwo et all ´ – aside those who are good
compliant obedient slaves to state and religion, or severly mindcontrolled.

However Humanity must realize that animals are not their slaves . . . or commodities
to exploit, mistreat and abuse.

While the ´apocalyptic script runs´, it seems those with more power takes advantage of
and exploit those in positions of lesser power, ie government over people, government
and people over animals and planetary nature. and so it has been for long.

Of course ´nature´ and the ´ elemental forces´ in reality doesnt have ´lesser power´
but on the immediate level ´subdued´ under the exploitation and depletion of man, as
man in contrary generally speaking has not subdued his own inner elemenetal and
animal nature.

And with the nature power and forces extermally one must also discern now what is
´artificial manipulated and controlled´ i e weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires,
stormfloods, earth quakes etc and what is ´nature alone´.

Billions of animals are unjust exploited, eradicated, misused, killed and abused every
month, and tortured, seen as comodities here on this planet for food, profit,
entertainment, vivisection, human desire of breeding, or just breeded to be killed by
artificial incimination in great numbers by humans ´playing g_d genetically, shelters
are overflowing with animals thrown out like trash.

What stories would the animal kingdom tell of their human opressors ?

Animal Nature Within, And Animal, Plant, Nature and Mineral Kingdom

For a great deal, generally speaking
instead of controlling ´the animal nature within´ man has taken control of
the animals in the external world, with devestating and sad consequences . . .
of exploitation, and abuse.

And further exploitation and depletion of nature, earth, the environment and
resources . . . . . . And multilevel planetary pollution ; spiritual, mental, astral,
emotional and physical.

And symbolically and esoterically speaking; ´Sacrifice the animal nature within´
vs ´ external religious black magic sacrifice´.

” On February 29, exhausted carriage horse Aisha helplessly fell to her knees in the busy
streets of New York City.
Heartbreaking video shows Aisha repeatedly falling and struggling
on the asphalt while her tormentors pull her with straps and blow smoke in her face. The
shocking scenes exploded on social media, prompting a national outcry against the outdated
and inhumane practice of horse-drawn carriages. Don’t let her struggle be in vain: seize this
opportunity and urge your legislators to ban horse carriage rides in your state!

Ban Deadly Horse Carriages in Your State!

Quote Original Excerpt of Post IN Defence of Animals ;



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