Truth and Light is Within./ Gematria.

Truth and Light is Within.

Generally speaking I may, among other things, reveal what can
be considered ´satanic´, which can be understood in several
diffrentiations and levels, however I will never advocate
´archonic religious saviour dogma´. the truth and light is within.

Neither do I or will ever ´sugar-coat´anything.

*Archonic religious saviour dogmas, fear induction and saviouring by the same
hand, good cop bad cop agendas and alike . . . Any institution, alliance, collective,
´creator´, individual or group that try to enforce compliance through
intimidation and fear induction, obviously doesn´t have any real ( spiritual )

Gematria 1010 Revelation = 1010

Gematria 1010 on the false Archon System.

Revelation =1010 The Archon System =1010 Pyramid mindcontrol =1010
The Moon is a soul catching machine =1010 Demons Masquerading as Angels =1010
Brain intruding telepaths =1010 Greys in the False Light =1010 Earth slave
=1010 Create slave =1010 The Corruption of Children =1010 Corrupted Source =1010
Morally reprehensible = 1010

Moon portal =481 Rebirth is here = 481 Artificial Intelligence = 481

Everyone should use great discernment for themselves –
in everything and in every litterature.
One of reasons for great discernment generally speaking,
is that much in these earthly and ekstra eartly layers are
and have been contaminated and infiltrated for a very long time.

– Elena


The Eternal Source is not about idolatry.

In my perspective idolatry = satanism.

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