Truth and Light is Within./ Gematria.

Truth and Light is Within.

Generally speaking I may, among other things, reveal what can
be considered ´satanic´, which can be understood in several
diffrentiations and levels, however I will never advocate
´archonic religious saviour dogma´. the truth and light is within.

Neither do I or will ever ´sugar-coat´anything.

*Archonic religious saviour dogmas, fear induction and saviouring by the same hand,
good cop bad cop agendas and alike . . . Any institution, alliance, collective,
´creator´, individual or group that try to enforce compliance through
intimidation and fear induction, obviously doesn´t have any real ( spiritual )

Gematria 1010 Revelation = 1010

Gematria 1010 on the false Archon System.

Revelation =1010 The Archon System =1010 Pyramid mindcontrol =1010
The Moon is a soul catching machine =1010 Demons Masquerading as Angels =1010
Brain intruding telepaths =1010 Greys in the False Light =1010 Earth slave
=1010 Create slave =1010 The Corruption of Children =1010 Corrupted Source =1010
Morally reprehensible = 1010

( Moon portal =481 Rebirth is here = 481 Artificial Intelligence = 481)

Excerpt of Gematria Section in this post ; Illusion of Death, Gematria,
Fearmongering, Shadow Government and Totalitarian Control.

– Elena


The Eternal Source is not about idolatry.

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