Illusion of Death, Gematria, Fear mongering, Shadow Government and Totalitarian Control.

Illusion of Death, Gematria, Fearmongering, Shadow Government and Totalitarian Control.

Let me  start this post by saying that I am not a ┬┤conspiracy theorist┬┤.
However I have always seen and felt  through many layers, observed  and questioned everything.


Generally speaking using and understanding Gematria, to decode and decipher ( not only the ┬┤bible┬┤ )
but names, letters, connections, meanings hidden and obvious, throughout ┬┤diverse scripts┬┤ running through
this percivable reality (and ┬┤corrupted re-creation┬┤ ) can be valuble.

Everything seems more sketchy and illusory in this ┬┤world appearence┬┤ atm than usual with this ┬┤virus script┬┤
running .
CV ; simple gematria 155. C-19 simple gematria 71. Simple Gematria A = 1, C =-3 , Z = 26.

Gematria Calculator ;

In gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases can hold
multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously, and ┬┤secret
messages┬┤. Numbers have a language or message of their own, and names

and letters can be codes or encoded.

Other examples of gematria par example  Wifi = 47 Beast = 47

Examples of using Jewish Gematria ;

Shadow Government  = 2110   Five g  beast network = 2110 This will be a sign
to you = 2110 Causes the pituitary to malfunction = 2110 One world digital
currency = 2110 But time twists around = 2110

Or ; Wuhan = 1149 One World = 1149 Meltdown = 1149 Can you find the secret =
1149 The Almighty Father of Israel = 1149

Coronavirus = 1303 Demonic martial law = 1303 Time to say goodbye = 1303
The axis of evil = 1303 Covid nineteen plauge = 1303

Time to say goodbye = 1303 To ┬┤freedom and rights┬┤ ? OWO ( One World Order
or NWO New World Order )

How Deep Is The State = 1540 ;
Extended Lockdown = 1540 Covid Five G Band = 1540 Covid nineteen mutation =
1540 He causeth all to receive a mark = 1540 Social distancing is a fascist joke =
1540 Advanced human hybrid = 1540 Mothership waits = 1540 Tomorrow people
= 1540 Depraved indifference to human life = 1540 Moral depravity =1540
Really creepy sociopaths =1540 Narcissistic narrative= 1540 Skull and bones is
deliberate and ruthless = 1540 Abductions of children by reptilians = 1540
Twisted abomination = 1540 Words are a prison = 1540

┬┤Agreeable abductions ┬┤ ; Governmental ┬┤permission┬┤ to certain abductions
(not only children ) in exchange for technology ?

Alien controlled government = 1504 Race of reptilians from the Draco
Constellation = 1504

Covid sex control = 1504 = War on Common Sense =1504

( ┬┤Sex control┬┤┬┤ i e only with members of same household. )

It could appear so that ┬┤a war on common sense┬┤ apply to several
implementations, rules, objectives within the ┬┤C19 agenda┬┤,
unfortunately a great deal of people already lack in common sense.
And common sense and logic seem also for a great deal to be part of
┬┤spiritual bypassing┬┤, . . . . true intuition & logic are always in harmony . .

Covid 19 Fraud = 1057 <> <> Covid Fraud = 1057
Fake news = 1057 Government = 1057 Master of the bad puppets = 1057 Vril host
= 1057 The lord of evil = 1057 True corruption = 1057 The tools of a toxic leader =
1057 The Orion system = 1057 Natural disaster signs = 1057 California crumbles
into the sea = 1057 Consider mirror numbers = 1057

Covid Nineteen Fraud = 1301 Financial crash now = 1301 Army of evil =1301

Virus 19 Pandemia = 1229
George Orwell = 1229
Judgement is coming = 1229 And Justice for all = 1229 Vice city = 1229
The persona of evil = 1229 Dark Winter = 1229 The Wheel of karma = 1229
Respiratory illness = 1229 Magnetic Electric Frequency = 1229
Skull and bones society = 1229 Spell word = 1229

Dark winter can hold several meanings ; Dark Winter as in operation
┬┤Dark Winter ┬┤, and also Metaphorical and literal .
Remember in gematria, alphanumeric codes and encoded words and phrases
can hold multiple values and meanings on multiple levels simultaneously,
and ┬┤secret messages┬┤.

Virgin Stargate = 1229 River of Memories = 1229

Synchronised = 1229 Angel of revelations = 1229 I will be silent = 1229

Solar Curve = 1229 The Zodiac Simulation = 1229 Magnetic levitation = 1229

I see you serpents = 1229 Breaking spells of evil = 1229 Reverse audio = 1229

Remember generally speaking true intuition and logic are always in harmony,
so of value to test ┬┤a given truth┬┤ with both.

Agendas are agendas, or objectives initially, weather or not they come to full

C Nineteen Agenda = 305 Forehead sign = 305 Searching code = 305 Hidden
barcodes = 305 Big pharmacies = 305 The Final Seal = 305 Microchip hand = 305
Accept chip hand = 305 A Forehead barcode = 305 It is a machine = 305 A haarp
dialectic = 305 Forced medicate = 305 The Omega Is = 305 A social mask = 305

( ÔÇŁ It is declared that anyone who does not worship the beast or its image would be killed.
The lamb-horned beast from the earth also causes all people to receive the mark of the beast
ÔÇťin their right hand or in their forehead.ÔÇŁ )

Beast In The Machine = 456
Hitten pattern = 456 Omega prophet = 456 Pale green horse = 456 Fire fox = 456
California annihilated = 456 Missile impact = 456 Dark stars = 456 Black suns = 456
Godless Tree = 456 The clones are in = 456 Tesla time machine = 456

Rise Of The Machines = 539 Global economic collapse = 539 Alien infiltration = 539
Presidential Seal = 539

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) ÔÇô Opening Scene

C Nineteen Computer Bourne = 1152
September Eleven = 1152 The Use of Black Magic to harm others = 1152 Demonic laws
= 1152 Mind control device = 1152 As Second Nine Eleven = 1152 Control frequency =

Bourne (archaic) ; ” The state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that
(when achieved) terminates beahviour intendend to achieve it; ÔÇŁ the end justifices
the meansÔÇŁ. “

In sound ┬┤double meaning┬┤ as similar to borne (carried on / through, transmitted via).

C Nineteen Computer Borne = 952 Satanic ritual abuse = 952 The philadelphia
experiment = 952 The master numbers are= 952 Binary code perfection = 952
Saturn death cult = 952 Fourth dimensional cube = 952 Total destruction = 952

Wifi = 47 Beast = 47

Shadow Government = 2110 Five G Beast Network = 2110

Corona pandemic fraud = 667 Expose Antifa =667 Self Quarantine = 667
Surge of Fascism = 667 Nice terror attack = 667 Bush blackmailed clinton = 667
Hurricane Katrina = 667 Close to the finish line = 667

Covid nineteen pandemic fraud = 1453 A day of judgement = 1453 Transmitted
disease apocalypse = 1453 Corona virus pandemia = 1453

Is this true, right or false assertment ? on one level . . .
based on the above, recollecting previous alphanumeric codes and values
( Aside crash economy, other agendas et all )

Seen in the perspective of ┬┤the apocalyptic script being played out ┬┤ and law of
attraction : that the world have become so full of falseness, plus accumulated karma
since atlantean fall ; that when ┬┤apocalyptic transmitted disease manifest┬┤ it is
itself ┬┤fraudulent┬┤ or connected with fraudelence, yet manifesting in symptoms . . .
and also via black magic . .

So ( ┬┤ apocalyptic ┬┤ ) virus, disease or death is virus, disease
or ┬┤death┬┤ regardless how it manifests or originated ; artificial, electric frequency, or biological
planetary matter ?

Corona identity vaccine = 1652 Great white brotherhood = 1652 Satanic
extremist insanity = 1652 One step away = 1652

Corruption exist in high places = 1436 New order of the ages = 1436
Uses black magic to torture people = 1436 Revelation mindcontrol = 1436
The hermetic atlantean eleven =1436 We are in the end times = 1436 The
prophecies have been broken = 1436 President trump corrupt = 1436

The great white brotherhood satanic = 2009 Untruthfulness and insincerity = 2009
The rider upon the white horse = 2009 And will bring their fears upon them = 2009

Covid nineteen vaccine pass = 2012 Corrupted secret governments = 2012 They are
all evil to the deepest degree = 2012

I thought of this one day, as a joke, after some ┬┤ occult ecperiences and encounters┬┤ ; Who needs a black lodge with a
corrupted white lodge ? * by that I mean with parts corrupted or infiltrated like much else here. Maybe the numbers
in above section reveal something in coherence..

Only The Fool Will Be fooled = 1840
Satanic plot to end the world = 1840 The economy meltdown= 1840
Virus Vaccine = 1840 Magic will rise emerald city = 1840 ( w of oz, em
city = mk ultra reference ) Water turned into blood = 1840

*Water turned into blood = 1840 ; ┬┤Apocalyptic agenda┬┤ of Revelation ( 1010 ) ,
portrayed here in reference of an external apocalyptic script played
out in the world, in contrary to understanding ┬┤Revelation┬┤ as an internal kundalini rise,
cleansing, purification, initiation . . . . . Or reference to ┬┤plague exodus┬┤ . . . .

Sine waves = 1840 Radio waves = 1840 Time waves = 1840

(Don┬┤t fall for any religious saviour or otherwise ┬┤imaginary┬┤ holographic
projections in the sky . . . )

* I once in dream-time saw a Horseman, of The 4 Horsemen, come through
┬┤a rift in space time ┬┤ in the sky, besides ┬┤symbolic value┬┤ . . . maybe back then
it was a future holographic projection I saw or an intention of it . .

Revelation = 1010

Revelation =1010 Covid nineteen =1010 Pyramid mindcontrol =1010 The Moon
is a soul catching machine =1010 Demons Masquerading as Angels =1010
The Archon System =1010 Brain intruding telepaths =1010 Greys in the False
Light =1010 Earth slave =1010 Create slave =1010 The Corruption of Children
=1010 Leviathan plane= 1010 Corrupted Source =1010 Morally reprehensible =

1010 btw also ┬┤confirm┬┤ to me what ive felt /known, and suspected, archons posing in the
fasle light. . , also at a ┬┤fake white light at the end of a tunnel┬┤ astral plane masqueraded
as angels, loved ones, ascended masters, religious figures etc. Decievemnet =906
Sinister intentions =906 The truth behind the lies =906

Moon portal =481 Rebirth is here = 481 Artificial Intelligence = 481

┬┤Funny┬┤ but maybe not ironic as there are (greater) Truth beyond lies and falseness,
that according to 1010 ┬┤the false system┬┤ through numbers reveals it self or origin
as such ; 1010 = Corrupted Source . .

Let he who hath understanding calculate (the) numbers and find the right connections . . .
these are ┬┤just examples┬┤ of gematria, . . . yet numbers are numbers with values . . .

The translatory meaning or diverse understandings literal or metaphorical of
┬┤beast┬┤ is a subject of discussion not elaborated further right here, here I let numbers speak.

Re 5g , wifi, wireless technologies etc ; ┬┤Natural evolution┬┤ or natural re-evolution; par example
to enchance or refine the senses vs refine technology, for the soul or spirit in embodiment
to the natural ether-net of connections . . with nature, supernature ( sun, stars . . . ), telepathy etc . .

Fear of death is a great illusion of the Soul in incarnation.

A great illusion that should be overcome and dissipated, not thickened in glamor, illusion, police law,
propaganda,  mediamanipulation, ┬┤hysteria┬┤, and violations medical ( medical martial or police law ),
militant, governmental or otherwise.   Regarding  ┬┤a specific virus┬┤ this now total fear mongering display
in society in a very literal way, is sickening, . . . I mean that literal also as fear is weakening to the immune
system like stress, worry, depression and alike etc.

Weakening as opposed to self- empowering, par example within all this ┬┤collective fear & restriction scenario ┬┤
finding an ┬┤open doorway┬┤ to step into greater self-empowerment by releasing / realizing / healing any triggers,
or ┬┤negative experiences┬┤ relating to any of the spiritual-bodily, or psychic layered system and ┬┤chakras┬┤.

It is also a known fact that those living in fear are more susceptible to control, both from the physical and astral
realm ; astral parasites and diverse entities and astral control mechanisms & mechanics. Everything here has an
electro-magnetic frequency incl of illness, disease, virus, as our thoughts have, food, plants, crystals, radio waves,
radiations, happiness, joy, fear etc . . . or vibration . .

True Individuality is Individuated Soul / Higher Self Expression..
Globalistic fascistic communism ; both fascism and communism seek to destroy individuality, . . . to create one
controllable hivemind socially, economically, religious. To make individual thought alike an act of herecy.
True Anarchy is not chaos, violence, violent riots etc but highest self- responsibillty, inner ( spiritual ) authority
ruling, natural law, peaceful co-existence etc.

Whatever  ┬┤real or lesser real, fabricated or not ┬┤  with  a  virus – or a virus blown out of proportions to further
other or ┬┤hidden┬┤ agendas and intentions ? . . . I feel something covert going on . . .

I feel that beyond the ┬┤surface appearence┬┤ of the quote unquote ” virus” or ┬┤ virus smoke screen ┬┤ multilayered
agendas may be going on.   One objective I suspect from the ┬┤shadow government ┬┤ ; Are we dealing with ;
worldwide ┬┤government rehersals┬┤ . . . ?  Now a lot of laws have been written, preperared and some executed . . .
written and right in place for any future events also . . .  ┬┤ The new normal for the time being┬┤ = more visibility or
externalization of ┬┤the shadow government ┬┤ ?

And Mk- Ultra programming eg the ┬┤dancing nurses┬┤ like an Mk-Ultra Show, to
cause dissociation ? to further programming. Teror dissociation mindcontrol.
Mk -ultra shows like in the music industry, olympics, major events . .et cetera.

Generally speaking.

Any institution, alliance, religion, group, ┬┤creator┬┤ or individual , that try to enforce compliance through intimidation
and fear obviously doesn┬┤t have any real ( spiritual ) authority – no real authority has any needs for such means.
Fear induction and saviouring by the same hand ; good cop bad cop.

I think, most or a great deal of people are so conditioned or mindcontrolled and submissive to external masters
or external authorities that they rather bow and follow orders than be free . . .

┬┤True freedom┬┤ also imply a level , or several levels  of self-responsibillity that many people seeemingly are not
capable of excercising . . .

Vaccines & Fear Inoculum . . .

Note that I am not a medical doctor, following perspective is based in intuition and experience of mandatory
vaccination in the years of my childhood.

Vaccines as I feel, is destructive shorter or longer to the physical dna and the ┬┤ translations between physical and
etheric dna┬┤ . . . shorter or longer depending on ┬┤self healing abilliities┬┤, self-repair abillities among other factors,
other ┬┤destructive exposures┬┤, pollutions, radiations, general health, & lifestyle etc.

There are no vaccines against fear; fear inoculum, only dissipating in light and truth. Fear spreads like an ┬┤astral virus┬┤
it self, to those open and susceptible to take it in, keep the vibration of fear out !

Another issue in regards vaccines,  holistic bounded or disconnected, depending on which refraction lense is
viewed through.

Generally speaking  pretending ” to save lives” by the exact means and ┬┤energy link┬┤ of killing, abusing, exploiting
and torturing other living beings – animal testing – where is universal ( holistic ) intelligence and logic in that,
plus suspicious and toxic ingeredients.

Also alternatives for animal testing have been developed for very long, artificial human tissue, dermatological testings
and other advanced testing metods as well but for some reason  there are multicoorporations – $till rejecting  that !
And they do recieve money too – or they are granted money to cruel animal testing from governments funds,
┬┤blood money ┬┤.

┬┤┬┤Alternatives┬┤ for something that should never have happened in the first place ┬┤ . . . . Reminicents of evil experiements,
dark sciences and anti-life agendas in Atlantis.

I feel that originally Earth, or nature would naturally have all ┬┤medicines┬┤, or healings needed . . . counter logic and
counter intuitive otherwise and  naturopathic medicines combined with ┬┤higher┬┤ healings of sound, colour, light,
source re-alignment, and crystals of nature, if that is not the case, or the case anymore in effect . . . could be
┬┤planetary karmic reasons┬┤ or all the digressions happeneed in consciousness and degeneration in bodies . . .
ie since the Atlantean fall time . . . and the escalation of comming too far away or further and further away from nature
and holistic ways and dependent on synthetics and pharmaceutical drugs, with the possibility of weakening the
natural immune system even more.

Overpopulation, natural rebalancing, corrupted groups and hierachies.

Is the world overpopulated, I would say yes ; by humans and non humans ┬┤organic portals ┬┤ (soulles humans) . . . . where
a great majority abuse, destroy and pollute the environment on multiple levels, exploit nature, animals and deplete the
earth and resources without any true spiritual connection or connection to the earth and soil, filling up more and more
space, in some world areas in great ┬┤mindless, and mindcontrolled consumerism┬┤, in some areas  in crowded unsafe,
unsanitary homes and in great poverty.

How to deal with that ? I leave to ┬┤the higher true powers┬┤, and ┬┤natural earth rebalancing┬┤ , not some planetary or ekstra
planetary fraudulent or corrupted groups and hierachies weather ┬┤disguised as light┬┤ or surely appearent dark, with self
serving purposes and agendas, to which however they are and will be karmic accountable for, when called out in truth
and (karmic ) justice, not ┬┤ false lovelight just forgive and accept all injustice and violation – all is good ┬┤, or to other
fraudelunet groups or alliances planetary or non planetary claiming to will the best, only with ┬┤intentions of taking over
┬┤ with their own agendas . . . Earth and ┬┤ekstra earthly layers┬┤ have been infiltrated for a very long time . . .

– Elena


After Script.

Love is a strong word but those who get the humour get the humour in the midst of great deceptions . ..

┬┤ While we wait for a fake alien invasion , bluebeamed apocalyptic appearences
or false saviours in the sky . . .┬┤. . .

The air is full of blatant tyranny, mk ultra and manipulations.
Disgraceful scams of enforcing global militant regime medical, martial, police
under lies and pretense ” to protect you ” . .
World scene consecutive events ; Create chaos, fear, collective trauma, divide
and conquer et cetera. Create successive complementary distractions or smokescreens
to ┬┤whats really going on┬┤ or to what is also going on or being plotted or implemented
from the shadows meanwhile . . .

It feels like an ┬┤insult┬┤ to ones intelligence to read ┬┤fake news┬┤,
┬┤corrupted politician news┬┤ and et cetera. – and ┬┤surreal┬┤ to witness how
many people eat it raw, either because they lack intelligence and discrimination
or are mindcontrolled by fear or blind trust in external authority.

In regards of socalled ┬┤ Conspiracy Theories ┬┤ ;

Generally speaking there may be ┬┤conspiracy theories┬┤ out there which may
be based in untruth, paranoia or nonesense, however something is not a
┬┤conspiracy┬┤ or ┬┤theory┬┤ if it shows or is revealed as truth, only by ┬┤those┬┤
who wish to surpress truth, ┬┤can┬┤t handle┬┤ the truth, or wish to ┬┤discredit┬┤
the truth or the one speaking it with such a label . .

┬┤X Files Puts Truth in Plain Sight Disguised as Fiction┬┤.

Well not just america, re the video . . . # totalitarian control, # shadow governmental works . .

The ┬┤irony┬┤ when news channels disclose ┬┤fiction┬┤
( manipulation, lies, spins, propagandas) as truth – and (some ) movies disclose truth as fiction. . .

In Times of Ideas and Implementations of ┬┤ forced digitalizations ┬┤ . .

┬┤One app to rule them all, one app to find them, One app to bring them all and in the darkness
bind them.┬┤ – So the ┬┤magician┬┤ must make invisible shield or cloak the device, to defeat ┬┤the evil app ruler┬┤.

A ┬┤yogi┬┤ can make himself invisible by ┬┤turning off the lights┬┤ thereby negate visibillity, can
include audio & touchabillity, and by conscious will -withdrawl up through the crown tempoarily,
the etheric body seen here as the ┬┤true body┬┤ holding the dense┬┤form print┬┤.

Originnally ( for those who may not know ) ┬┤One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring
to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them ┬┤ . . . . which has an ┬┤universality┬┤ or carry an
┬┤universal symbolism ┬┤ . . . that can be applied in diffrentiated contexts. .

Also a ┬┤Ring┬┤ or Circle can bind a spirit or spirits,
. . .
. . . or hold them encircled . . . . . and the meaning of ring pass not . . . . or app pass not . . .

Nobody can  ┬┤run from the shadow┬┤ personal, collective, planetary, solar, cosmic . . , but it can be
very easy ┬┤ to blame it on everybody else┬┤  instead of looking in the mirrors.. . . . clarity, truth,
accountabillity, self- responsibillity vs ┬┤shadow projection┬┤ & blameshifting .

Gandalf vs. Balrog ( ┬┤ the shadow . . ┬┤ ) complete battle.

Restriction, limitation, darkness, ┬┤ saturn┬┤, karmic retribution, tribulation, an ending time,
disease & death real or illusory, forgery, falseness. corruption and shadow, where is the sun (soul)
(light, expansion, revelation and radiation), upheaval and chaos organised and spontaneous ;
controlled and uncontrolled, apocalyptic insanity . . . what will emerge from all of this ! ?
There is a reason why the Conscious Process / – Symbol ┬┤the hanged man┬┤ has a smile on his face
. . .

Light and Form symbolized by Sun & Saturn Ôśë ÔÖä
ÔÇŁ Saturn represents limitation and form, the Sun stands for light and radiation.
When the power of limitation is used positively it is combined with the radiant energy
of the Sun, thus enlightenment exalt form. ~
To express the same in an ÔÇŁ alchemical meaning ÔÇŁ : having to do with transmutation of
ÔÇť lead ÔÇť into ÔÇťgold ÔÇŁ.

ÔÇô P Foster Case

┬┤Mouth -Binding┬┤ when based on a ┬┤ tyranny and mk ultra ┬┤ ;
” Just obey and dont speak freely ” symbolically and literally clothed. And
throat center ..┬┤higher creation ┬┤ . . .┬┤higher creative flow expression┬┤. .
sealed off with a ┬┤slavemask┬┤ . Sealing off to ┬┤ higher evolution ┬┤. .
( as there may be ┬┤internal seals in the human anatomy
┬┤ after atlantean fall and ┬┤planetary re-configurations┬┤ . . ┬┤to break and burn ┬┤ . . . ) . . .
mouth binding is an external visible sealing off . . . and symbolic blocking of free speech . .
and truth as spoken through the word in the level of human- spiritual -biological anatomy . .

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