Rich Organic Plant Nourishment of Nature, Juice, Lattes, Plantmilk ­čî┐

Rich Organic Plant Nourishment of Nature. ­čî┐

Nourishing Orange Almond Carrot Cream. Oranges are like little Orbs Of Sunshine ;

Orange, almond milk, almond flakes, fresh tumeric, carrot, cinnamon and dates.
Some almond flakes can be blended in also . .
taste like raw carrot cake in a more liquid form.

Raw Carrots are contributed many healing / – ┬┤medicinal ┬┤attributes.

Creamy Spinach Coconut Drink.
Fresh organic spinach leaves, coconut milk, dates, filtered/cleansed water.

Note that coconutmilk and coconut cream are not the same, one thinner one thicker.
Coconut cream btw is great to make whipcream of, refridgerate a couple of hours before whipping.

Advicable to soak dates 5-10 minutes in water before use.

Highly recommended for Alternative refreshing version, add some Blueberries. .

Raw Cacao Butter, good source of antioxiadants and essential fatty acids , the raw version I have here tastes sligtly like white
chokolate. Can be eaten like it is, blended in smoothies, raw cakes or added in warmed drinks eg. raw kakaopowder+ coconutmilk + water + raw cacao butter. Coffee + almondmilk + raw cacao butter + a little raw cacaopowder sprinkled on top. Or in warmed almondmilk chai, lattes etc.
Raw organic cacao butter can also be used directly on the skin for skin care, or nourishing hair oil.

High Antioxidant cold Latte Drink with Soothing Almond Milk.
Organic ; Almond milk & Raw Acai powder ( freeze dried ) .

Lush Acai Berry good berry source of vitamins, minerals,
essential fatty and essential amino acids.

Pr 100 gram Acai Berry 40g is fat. Healthy fat, like coldpressed Virgin Olive
Oil which also is high in antioxidants.

Coconutmilk Fig Latte with Tumeric.

Rich nourishment of coconutmilk, golden figs and fresh tumeric.
This one is cold, to keep the nutrients at raw level, the ingreedients blended together.

Nourishing Juice with Cucumber, Tomato, Kalamata Olives, filtered / cleansed Water and
Acai Berry powder.

Cucumber, tomato, olive, acai berry are like certain other fruits and veggies ┬┤gifts┬┤ that
the plant and tree give by them self, which to me is ideal, maintaing the plant as whole.

Another healthy berry, great to mix with almond milk, coconut milk or other plant milk is blueberry.
Sweet Cherries equally so . . .
Blueberry go very well also as an ekstra alternative add in the creamy spinach coconutmilk drink.


Nourishing Organic Juice -Smoothies


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