Purification of Water

Purification of Water.

Cleansing water with activated charcoal made of tree, sunlight,
clear mountain crystal, colloidal silver and healing/blessing by hand.

& Crystal essence healing emerald water.

. ..

Emerald since ancient time symbol of rejuvenation and eternal life.
Clear mountain crystal, clear quartz can to some extent ´substitute´
a diamond in healing and ceremonial work.

Activated charcoal, activated carbon . . . . Diamond is an alletrope of carbon.
Within the diamond the carbon element has its atoms arranged in a crystal
structure. ´carbon transfiguration´. .
In a diamond each carbon atom, is covalently bonded to 4 other carbons in a

Ideal to use some Raw Diamond in the water as well for purification, which I
find good combination with Clear Quartz Crystal,

activated charcoal, sunlight and
colloidal silver, like in this picture .

Activated organic carcoal powder, can also be used in organic veggie capsules
or pure organic powder form for a detoxification to absorb toxins internally.

– Elena

Excerpt of post ; Crystal Charged Water with Natural Mineral Essence and Sunlight, Atlantis.


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