Circularity and Transcendental Logic.

Circularity and Transcendental Logic

Circular logic or circular reasoning.
Balance is not one polarity over the other,
eg neither maskuline or feminine, as above so below,
as within ( ida ~pingala) so without.

# glamor of patriarchy, # glamor of ´divine feminine´ ,
# transcendental logic, # true intuition and logic are always in harmony,
# circularity,

Logical truth also reflect spiritual truth, ( micro macro cosmic laws ).

Spiritual truth and logical truth, does not contradict eachother, said in the perspective
that logic is transcendental, logic can be in a greater perspective, micro macro laws.

True Intuition and Logic are in Harmony,
and can work perfectly together; and Logic can be transcendental and can be in
greater perspective ; can be/ involve understanding of the micro-macro cosmic ,´ as above
so below´, geometry, universal, holistic, planetary, mineral, plant, animal, human, solar
of ´things´ inter relatedness, sequences and natural ´cause and effects´ upon eachother.

It is Inner Self Aligning not accepting ´truths´ / things as true that Is not embodied or self-
realised, or not in ressonance with ones highest intuitions,  and speak against ´ logic in
greater perspective ´ if tested with that also.

*Inner Self also can be understood as ´Higher Self´.

Common sense and logic seem for a great deal to be part of ´spiritual bypassing´, or just
´bypassing´. With such bypassings mindcontrol can happen easier.

By ´true intuition, I mean divine,spiritual, soul intuition in contrary to ´lower animal
body psychism´ in man.

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Higher intelligence, that expresses itself  living, direct, pure, intuitive,
There is an Intelligence, a Higher Intelligence.
It can express instantaneously creative for any practical purpose on the physical plane
needed. It can not be taught from the outside,
It is prevailing from the inside  . . .  as a streaming flow.  I write ´intuitive´ as the
intelligence does not require any previous thinking
or analysis, but can of course express through thought and logic as well.  As well as be

Balance of Polarities.

Historically in long back retrospective theres shiftings
between matriarcical rulings and patricals rulings and their
effect in consequence and ´karma´, that I can not go into right
now and see all . . . ., but the main point, as I see is Creating Balance
and honouring both the feminine and maskuline. Qualities and
attributes of both (true ) maskuline and feminine respected, healed
and given place . . . . and also move beyond polarities and polarity
Real balance is from inward out.
Balance is the Key ;  Reflected from Inside out like the nerve
channels Ida and Pingala representing Maskuline /Feminine,
polarity forces needs be balanced, not one above the other.

Honouring rights, holistically, is the honouring rights of both woman
and man, animals, nature and children.

A lot of things in the ´divine feminine glamor ´
is ascribed to be ´the divine feminine´ wheras it is a natural
consequence of Soul Connection or Higher Self connection, Soul Integration
weather being a man or a woman on this level. Maybe some of this Glamor is
Atlantean in origin, an old glamor with parts also connected to what began to
happen at that time ; ´misapplied or fragmented  higher esoteric knowledge and
symbolism´  fell into lower astralism, astral worship etc.



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