Natural sweet fruits – and Wholesome salads, Plantbased.

Natural sweet fruits
And wholesome salads,
Not only but also for spring time ?

It has been an overall great feeling, not having had anything with refined sugar for many years,
do your own inestigation on refined white sugar and derivatives there of.

Natural Sweet Fruit alternatives to use. Like banana, applesauce, figs, dates, lucuma powder, dried fruit,
yacon syrup, maple syrup can also be used.

I can understand why Figs and Pomegranates have been associated with
´heavenly fruits´. . .

Both figs, and fresh or dried pommegranate arils can be great in a ´wholesome salad´ or wholefood salads,
as can nuts, nut butters and seeds. . . . . some of the latter are better digested if ´activated´ or soaked in water for a
duration of time before eating. Nutritious raw shelled hempseeds have a nutty taste. Chia seeds great addition as

Fruit alternatives to use, one green planet link.

I wish to state that I am not in general agreement with diverse political
views, and certain other views, promoted from ogp´s websites and
facebook pages regards the ´human world and human affairs ´ .

Wholesome Salads. ?

An example of a simple ´wholesome salad´ .
Mediterranean Quinoa Salad made with fresh herbs, vegetables, advokado and kalamata olives.

Or this. Organic ; Quinoa, fresh spinach leaves, walnut butter, cherry tomato,
carrot, kalamata olives, pepperfruit, oregano, pink himalaya
salt and a little pebber.

Walnut Butter and quinoa go very well together. As do Olive Oil, Almond Butter
or Pistachio Butter with quinoa.

Raw Ecstasy makes a very fine Activated Organic Raw Pistachio Butter, par example

El Fresco Quinoa Bowl

Quinoa Pear Salad

15 Plant-Based Mexican Salads!

15 High-Protein Quinoa Salads and Bowls .

15 High-Protein Quinoa Recipes For Every Meal

15 Winning Plant-Based Power Bowls!

10 Filling High-Protein Bean Salads.

15 High-Protein Chickpea Salads

Wild Rice Salad with Creamy Basil Vinaigrette

Ceamy Brocoli Salad with Cashews

Kale Walnut Pesto Pasta Salad glutenfri after choice.

Thai Kale Salad With Peanut Sauce.

Asparagus Advocado Rice Salad ;
lightly steemed green asparagus, basmati rice (cooled down), advocado,
coldpressed virgin olive oil, tomato, kalamati olives, pink himalaya salt, pebber.
Optional sprinkled over
organic raw Acai Berry powder.

Kale Carrot Salad ~ Raw Power.
Kale, carrots, tomato, coldpressed ekstra virgin olive oil,
pink himalaya salt, raw acai powder, kalamata olives, jerusalem
artichokes and macadamia nuts or almond flakes.

Good to ´soak ´or soften the kale in olive oil first, makes it more ´digestable´.

Goes well with a cup of organic green tea, as do many salads.

On another note Macadamia Nuts are great for Pestoes. Eg. Olive Tomato Pesto;
Macadamia nuts (soaked ), tomato paste, kalamati olives, pink himalaya salt,
frespressed lemon, pebber, coldpressed virgin olive oil,

Zucchini or Courgette can be great to use as ´replacement´, for
traditional pasta, in raw pasta dish versions, best as basis after preferred slicing or cutting to
rest for at least half an hour in coldpressed virgin olive oil
and and pink himalya salt
or sea salt.

Hydrating Green, Raw Nourishing Zucchini Cucumber Salad ;

Zucchini, Cucumber, rosemary, a pinch of pink himalaya salt and
pebber, raw macadamia nuts scliced, coldpressed virgin olive oil, kalamati
Optional add; tomato paste.

Soak/ soften zucchini and cucumber slices in the olive oil, with the salt and pebber

at least half an hour first.

Sweet Potato, Kale, and Black Bean Quinoa Salad.

Potato Salad With Lemon Herb Dressing

Creamy Potato Salad

Sweet Potato Salad Raw.
Unlike white potatoes Sweet Potatoes can be eaten raw.

5 Step Guide to Making Plantbased Super Salads. ?

1: Pick a green, 2: Add some veggies, 3: Add a protein, 4: Add a healthy fat 5: Whip up a dressing.

10 Easy Tricks to Make Salads Taste Better Instantly.

Organic ingreedients recommended.

I don´t recommend use of microwaves for anything.

Other things that add well to ´wholesomeness´ can be good rest, yoga, or exercise in a prefered way,
meditation, and spending time in nature.

Also what can be called adaptogenic herbs or berries, and plants or ´ adaptogenic plant medicine´,
herbal suplements and socalled superfoods can or may support the body, psyche, nervous system  et cetera
in self-healing.

( Ashwagandha in photo )

Rich Organic Plant Nourishment of Nature, Juice, Lattes, Plantmilk

Nourishing Organic Juice -Smoothies . .

In the coherence and wholesomeness of day and night.
Drinking tea prepared of White Sage leaves, fresh or dried before bedtime,
can or may contribute to more dream clarity, remembrance and lucidity . .
. . .and purification. . . . higher potency combined with meditation before
rest, ideally we should shift full consciously from one plane to another,
like ´at death´ . . . . conscious withdrawl . .



Emerald Green as Eternal Spring,
Emerald is an ancient symbol of Eternal Life, And Rejuvenation.
And holding the lush green beauty of nature.

The physical body is the temple of the spirit on this plane,
A living temple of living cells. To care for, build and nourish well.

Disclaimer : All plant, herb information on this page is for educational purpose, with roots in ancient natural  healing and medicine lore. Inluxia or  Elena will not be responsible of any unwise or improber use of plants or herbs. Always seek medicinal practioner advice for cure or treatment of any illness.

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