In the Sea of mediocrity, the Book of Life had not been openeth for long,

In the Sea of mediocrity,
The book of life had not been openeth for long,
And the true meaning of the ´book of death´ forgotten,
In the sea of mediocrity, ascending demons and hellfire,
In the sea of mediocrity, all think the same, one controllable hivemind,
All look the same, with death in their eyes,
No light, no ´magic´, wear the same, buy and consume the same.
Eat the same processed ´hellfood´ bloodlusting, and devoid of lifeforce and prana,
Blind conformity, cultural, social, educational, religious and spiritual,
Blind conformity lead not to ´ascension´ but to slaughter of the soul,
Life-harvest, deathening, numbing, spiritual death.
Dare to be different, dare to rise from the ashes, and comfort.
´Real poverty ´ is not about money, neither ´real richness´,
Real poverty is lack of spiritual life, spiritual fire,
Lack of individuality, and lack of authenticity.
Neither blind spiritual or religious obedience or money buys ´redemption´.
Cleansing and deliverance ? Nature cleanses it self by natural law of rebalancing,
No one is coming to save you,
Neither the lamb or the wolf exist beyond duality,
You are the cleanser and purifier,
You are ´ the bird arising yourself from the ashes´, in the light and fire of spirit.

– Elena


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