I am just a ´Messsenger´,
´an angel of revelation´ on a ´higher self level´.
Remember the first,
before you point guns or come with burning crosses : )

´Revelation´ is a quality of souls or ´higher selves´,
to different levels of ´accreation´ ;
Seeing into the inner and outer worlds.
I am unbound to any ´fixed´ scripture or book,
I am reading the ´living script´, and the ´living records´,
im-printed on, and streamed of ´the living ethers´.

I dont have any belifesystems, neither do I want to. I want to know or not know, ´progressive, successive, revelation´ .
But if I am wrong about something, I am always willing to lay all I See / think / feel / realize I know,
on the alter of sacrifice for reemergence or recorrection,
to a ´ more true ´ or ´correct´ knowing or completely discard it because I was wrong.

The Desire to know and Surrender to ´not knowing ´ . . . The Truth is INside to Know and ´Not to Know´ . . . .
and to Know succeedingly, expandingly . . . .

Neither do I wish for anyone to ´believe´ anything I say, If you have or find a ressonance ,
or can use it for anything internal or external, then it is so, if not then it is not .

The Eye of Prophecy.