Toxic Fireworks and Multilevel Planetary Pollution.

Toxic Fireworks and Multilevel Planetary Pollution.

There is so much pollution on this planet in multiple ways and levels ;
spiritual pollution, mental pollution, incl mental plane air pollution,
astral pollution, emotional pollution, water pollution, chemical toxic pollution,
physical pollution and etcetera.

Fireworks  – A High Toxic pollutant.

Starting a ´new year´ with a massive intense blast
of high toxic air pollution,
to ´ breathe into the new´ ….
once upon a time there were more pristiness and purity on this planet.

Further it is a trigger for terror, stress and fear induction in animals.
And some people with Ptsd,
and children.

Damaging to planetary life, environmental, plant and human health.

Fire works  are a   high toxic pollutive blend of ;
heavy metal particles, sulfur-coal compounds, smoke, various poisonous toxins, harmful chemicals,
and colour particles of  high toxicity, that can linger on for days
if it even disintegrates or falling down on the ground and soil 
to be absorbed in the soil and into the groundwater,
where the pollution can continue.

Many animals die in flight; others are lost from their homes and loved ones .

Keep animals safe inside.

I am not ´ judging´ anyone, I am not – this is facts,
oberservation, and feeling the planetary layers and animals.

Best wishes for ´ the new to be ´ !

– Elena