Toxic Fireworks and Multilevel Planetary Pollution.

Toxic Fireworks and Multilevel Planetary Pollution.

There is so much pollution on this planet in multiple ways and levels ;
spiritual pollution, mental pollution, incl mental plane air pollution,
astral pollution, emotional pollution, water pollution, chemical toxic pollution,
physical pollution and etcetera.

Fireworks  – A High Toxic pollutant.

Starting a ´new year´ with a massive intense blast
of high toxic air pollution,
to ´ breathe into the new´ ….
once upon a time there were more pristiness and purity on this planet.

Further it is a trigger for terror, stress and fear induction in animals.
And some people with Ptsd,
and children.

Damaging to planetary life, environmental, plant and human health.

Fire works  are a   high toxic pollutive blend of ;
heavy metal particles, sulfur-coal compounds, smoke, various poisonous toxins, harmful chemicals,
and colour particles of  high toxicity, that can linger on for days
if it even disintegrates or falling down on the ground and soil 
to be absorbed in the soil and into the groundwater,
where the pollution can continue.

Many animals die in flight; others are lost from their homes and loved ones .

Keep animals safe inside.

I am not ´ judging´ anyone, I am not – this is facts,
oberservation, and feeling the planetary layers and animals.

Best wishes for ´ the new to be ´ !

– Elena


Isness, The Sea Is . .

Isness . . . It is . . . . and It is not . .


It is ~ until it is not ~ It is no more.

Or until it is something else ; magical,
transformative, transmutative, changed,
recreated, unveiled or re-veiled.

The sea is no more, the heaven is no more,
the world is no more et cetera, maybe there was a new sea,
or a new heaven or new world / body, or a new sound appearing,
or it was all gone, into disssolution.

The sound was no more, the pure idea was no more .

The thought was nore more,
dissolved or a new was created from fire.

When the personality I (lower ego) and the Higher Self I ,
is withdrawn, . . . withdrawl ´into dissolution´, all ´that´ is no more,
upon return it appears again . . . upon return the world appears again,
it is again . . . . it is again in its ´illusory appearence´ and ´illusory magic´ .

(´ llusory magic´ ; see > Pure consciousness and phenomenal experience )

Sea of Light, Daria-i-Noor, Mar de luz, Mare de Luce,
Sea of Stars, Mare de Stelle, Mar de Estrellas,
Stella di Mare, Stella Polare, Stella Maris. . . . . . . . .


Star of The Sea, Stella Polare ; The North Star, Pole Star, Northern Hemisphere.

One one level an analogy can be made between the North Star and
The Internal Compass and Inner Higher guiding Light, Higher Self.

The Sea of Knowledge, The Sea of Understanding and The Abyss is written of in the End of this post ;
Walking with the Elements
Walk the Black Sea Like a Star – Master the Self


To call things by their name.


To call things by their name.

Following is based in reflection regarding, when (new age) ´love and lighters´
and ´spiritual or religious people´ quote unquote
´ judge you for not being loving´ because of naming things by their name.

Why are people apparantly ´afraid´ of naming things by their name.

Because of ´deep implanted ´ fear of ´ not going to heaven´ ? ;
if calling out this corrupted re-creation, in its many ways and forms,
along with a ´corrupted demiurge´ and its corrupted helpers
and submissive obedient slaves . . .

And what is ´Heaven´ ;

Within, Nature sure is beautifully ´Heavenly´,
or some ´ soul harvest astral plane location ´ !

* Nature sure is beautifully ´Heavenly´ . . . . . . .
aside effects of destruction from current civilazation . . . .

Another reason than ´fear´ connected to not calling things by their name,
can or may be contributed to ´spiritual bypassing´, and lack of common sense.

– Elena


After Script ; ´ Higher knowledge´ , ´ higher philosophy´,
´symbolic language ´, ´higher science of nature´ etcetera
has generally speaking some ´essence of neutrality´,
that a lot can or may be learned, re-aligned,
or reflected on /from , re- membered from,
according to ´ones inner/ higher truth´,
but I refuse and reject when people try to impose
and ´implant´ their religion or religious beliefsystems,
it is rude and respectless.

I dont have any belifesystems, neither do I want to.
I want to know or not know, ´progressive, successive, revelation´ .
But if I am wrong about something I am always willing to lay all
I See / think / feel / realize I know on the alter of sacrifice,
for reemergence or recorrection to a ´ more true ´,
or ´correct´ knowing or completely discard it
because I was wrong.

The world is relative-full of blind-believers,
that on top sometimes want to pressure their beliefsystems
over others heads. + people who blindly believe
can easy be controlled also by ´self suggestion ´
that takes over from the collective programming
to keep ´controlling belief structures intact inplace´.

The ´higher self ´is about knowing , not believing.

After * ´ the personality seat fell to solar plexus
´on a collective world scale, many people have greatly been controlled
by belief systems on earth, and given power away.
After that some say ´belief ´give meaning or purpose,
which can be very true on some level.
On another level of perspective ´belief´ can be seen as
´externalized solar plexus control ´ , or ´heart center´controlled by solar plexus ego .
as opposed to Direct ´inner / higher self ´ heart knowing / feeling.

With ´ fall of personality seat ´
I mean ´ from The Throne Between the Eye s´ ( Soul Seat )
on a general mass scale to a more solar plexus personality polarization .. . . .

´The great collective fall ´ . . . . . post Atlantean Times.

The ´upward journey´ . . . . back to the original ´Soul Seat´ . . .

Solar Plexus in its ´highest functioning ´
can work as a burning ground / passage / portal
for ´ upward ´ Fire Transmutaion ´of the lower´ . . . .

False light, shallow blinding love without truth and evil preaches tolererance where none
should be given.