Right witness vs false accusations.

Right witness vs false accusations .

Is there in the human consciousness a deeper, care / feeling / thought
weather to bear right witness or false accusations  ?
In times of heavy propaganda, media manipulation and stirring of certain
feelings, also for distractions and ´ agendas´. Par ex as much as no paedofile
should go free of charge, equally wrong to falsely accuse someone who isn’t.
I am by no means defending anyone who is, and I am for revealment of what
is corrupted, depraved, abusive and violent and cause harm to other living beings
in our world, and from a ´higher level´ .

I mean, essentially I feel there is a moral issure of, or one of conscience, not only
on this subject but in a variety of all matters, weather to bear right witness or maybe
not think deeper of bearing false accusations with no deeper thought, in depth
investigation or ´ spiritual witness ´ , both of the effect and after effect of ones own
actions and consciousness and the effect on others generally essentially, but also much
in the timeframe of high propagandized times, where propaganda, and disinformation,
misinformation and media spin often contagiously spread like wildfire with and to the
most suggestible.
# Discernment , # Conscience,

Basis of correct knowledge comes among other things  from; 
correct or clear observation or
witness (or accurate evidence), correct or clear perception or intuition and correct deduction.

Propaganda, generally speaking, feeds illusion, delusion and glamor, and is ´counter working´ of clarity,
truth, sanity, right discrimination, clear observation and lucidity.  Plus the aggregations of emotional
charged matter it often creates in combination.
Some propaganda is designed to stir emotions,  for some people ´uncontrollable emotions´ ; what is not
controlled by the self, can be controlled.
– Elena


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