False light, shallow blinding love without truth and evil preaches tolererance where none should be given.

False light, shallow blinding love without truth and evil preaches tolererance where none
should be given.


False light, and ´sentimental love´ or ´shallow blinding love without truth´ preaches tolerance towards evil and towards injustice where none should be given, and evil preaches tolerance until it is dominating and silences good or right.





Is it ´Justice ´ or is it more Natural Presevation and Balance or Natural Rebalancing, Natural Laws ? that continued abuse against The Law, harness/vampireing, taking, abusing and exploitation of Earth and energy and living beings, will only in the length lead to further fragmentation from Source .. The more injustice is accepted the futher more this world digress from any ´ blueprint´ … or ´divine will´….



Further fragmentation in consciousness and /- or …
Destruction or also what can be called self -destruction of souls by own choice/actions over continued long time , and destruction of ´organic portals without a soul ´. Wonder how many or great deal percentage of earth socalled population consist of soulles organic portals filling up space, demonic possessed people, archonic possessed people or possessed by whatever entities or parasites (?)
( And ive encountered many demonic possessed dogs as well )



Actions done in harmony with The Law or ´Natural Laws´ and understanding thereof is based in truth and has an etchical stance will not inflict harm on others, actions done out of harmony with or opposed to The Law / Natural Law result in harm to others . ..



New Age Decievement :
” Theres no right and wrong” (just passively accept evil and injustice etc )
and ´ theres no (objective ) truth all is perception, on a selfcenetered solipsistic journey.´


The Spirit of Truth is, connected with infinite integrity …

Truth is not always what we want it to be; a beauty of truth in itself of its freeness and independence,
Yet everyone is free to have / choose what they feel, see or believe or realize is true, transcendentally, progressively, successively ; subjective and objective realizations.
yet the latter has somewhat been ´distorted and degraded´ in “ the new age solipsistic paradigme theres no truth only ´my´ perception “ …




The inborn feeling of right and wrong is Not the same as the ´duality paradigme ´of ´good and bad´ . Its beyond that paradigme, i feel .




Why does G_d allow” , “why does satan do” ? Need someone to blame and throw away responsibility (? ) …take responsibillity back . ..and stop blame-shifting ! Accountabillity & Responsibillity for self-proclaimed ´g_ds /demi-gods´ and men is needed … accountabillity according to ´ true natural laws ´ and accountability for actions.



* * Evil in several spheres; cosmic evil, demonic evil and human evil






BTW what is love in these lower cosmic physical planes besides desire ? (in contrary to ´higher true love ´) , a ´love´ that has the polarity of hate, two sides of a duality coin ; like desire holds the polarity ´forces´ of attraction and repulsion . . . .  also in physics and ´multidimensional physics´.




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