The Eternal Source is not about idolatry.

The Eternal Source is not about idolatry.


The Eternal Source, is not about idolatry or worship of statues and images.
Demanders of worship are false light, false masters, false ´g_ds´, false deities,
false gurus ( guides/teachers  * 1) .
False can additional in some cases here be understood as or attributed also the meaning  infiltrated, or as imposters, or demonic entities, or  soul or energy harvestors  between the  ´ heavenly and earthly spheres´.


People that have knowledge of their own self and their own nature, embodied and practical and metaphysical self experienced, dont need eksternal (false ) g_ds, they know that the keys to all true liberation and illumination lies within them self and not in anything outside be that beliefsystems, saviours, egoic worship, external authority, and fixation on others personas or exsternal rituals.



“While the ignorant multitudes brought their offerings to the altars of the gods, the wise recognized in these marble statues only symbolic concretions of great abstract truths.” – Manly P. Hall








Note 1 Guides /teachers ; Every teacher or ´master´ is but a student himself, seen in a greater cosmic perspective.