The beautiful Scent of Rose, Lotus and White Sage

The beautiful Scent of Rose, Lotus and White Sage.


Rose holds a high vibrational frequency, for healing and sacred places, where in ancient times lotus were often used, both flowers hold great symbolic value esoterically.




Scents effects our limbic system and thus can facilitate healing and ´gateways´ between many layers.






A special sacred synergistic blend for aroma oil burning
is rose and sacred purifying white sage oil.
Or organic rose incense and white sage smudging.             





Both Rose, Lotus and Sage can be used for Tea.


     Blue Lotus Tea, … sacred, magical, soothing …  like in ancient times …

( Here like a Blue Lotus Latte with a little organic coconut milk, the plant milk softens the subtle bitterness )  








Organic Rose Coconutmilk Latte
(  Rose and Sapphire, blue   ) 




– Elena


Sacred White Sage and Salvias