Essence Threads of Truth and concrete Understandings.

Essence threads of truth and concrete understandings.

The ´ problems ´  of concrete mind, without abstract mind,
or soul perception and pure intuition flowing through it,
can be e.g. its attachment or fixation on literalizations,
beliefsystems, dogmas, symbols, manifestations, personas.
And fixation on concrete science, concrete matemathics and
concrete laws – in absence of their spiritual
or ´multidimensional ´ aspects .
Concrete understandings of ´ essence threads of living truth´,
weather these understandings is somewhat true on their own level,
or perceptional distorted or wrongly deduced from pure spiritual truth
or from  the planes of pure idea and  pure reason.


  Higher manas ; abstract mind
                                                                               Lower manas ; concrete mind.