The Sun 19, The Blazing Daylight Star. A Sun Flower reflecting a Greater Sun or Greater Light .


The Sun 19 , The Blazing Daylight Star. A Sun Flower reflecting a Greater Sun or Greater Light.





“ Diamond Sun “, like a radiant solar orb… reflecting ….´like a sun´. Natural yellow diamond is caused by gathering of nitrogen atoms in such a way within the crystal lattice, that blue light is absorbed and yellow reflected.


The Soul is like a diamond or a prism, capable of reflecting the pure white light as well as esoteric and exoteric colours as it itself reflects the higher light of the ‘ Illuminating Spiritual Sun ‘. Capapble of reflecting the light through the physical body as well, through a set of co-ordinated, purified lower vehicles.






The Sun 19  in the  * Tarot deck.


The Sun universally is an ancient symbol, or emblem of Deity.

The Sun is the transforming and regenerating agent in the Great Work.


And Solar Force is the force The Magician draws upon in white magic; white magic of the soul or solar magic.

By the Solar Light the Magician also can grow the seeds of right knowledge in his garden.






The Sun 19 is also ´ 1 + 9 development of the Magician 1 + The Hermit 9 ´ . And 1+ 9 = 10 …


The Hermit 9 ; signifiecs among other things adeptship , holding the lantern with the 6 pointed star, of 2 interlaced equilateral triangles as a light of encouragement for other  travellers, as well the Hermit symbolize the I Am Presence .





The straight Sun Rays generally speaking, represent masculine energy and the wavy feminine, thus perfection of Polarity Balance.


     The thin lines in the sun pic to the left  is 48 , or 4 x 12, 12 ; 3




Children of the Sun, and Child of the Sun or the symbolic phrasing to ´Be like a Child´, can be translated or symbolize several differentiations…… depending on which refraction lens is viewed through …


In the most basic sense we are all Children of the Sun nourished by the living liquid gold physical manifested as the radiant sun energy, or life power, children of the sun like the plants and animals, trees, gems and minerals.





Light and Form symbolized by Sun & Saturn ☉  ♄ 

” Saturn represents limitation and form, the Sun stands for light and radiation. When the power of limitation is used positively it is combined with the radiant energy of the Sun, thus enlightenment exalt form. ~To express the same in an ” alchemical meaning ” : having to do with transmutation of “ lead “ into “gold ”.
– P Foster Case




–  Elena


1*  Tarot ; Agless wisdom preserved through pictoral keys


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The World 21 The World 21. I agree with Paul ; The Goal of The Great Work,  besides taking part in ones share of The Greater Work,” is not abstraction. Its demonstration, expression, orderly procession of energy in suitable forms – the adornment of the Life-power with suitable garments “





Building of The Solar Temple