The precious life force, life power intelligently clothed in beautiful garments of nature and Ancient Symbols



The precious Life Force, life power intelligently clothed in beautiful garments of nature like trees, water, stars, gems, flowers, herbal greenes,        and Ancient Symbols.





The Hexagram,, the 2 intersected triangles △ ▽ ✡sometimes despicted with a circle around has multiple inlay of meanings, the circled hexagram can also signify ´the hierophantic symbol ´.






The Hexagram one level it can be seen as an ancient symbol that gives understanding to some of this current universe structure, revealing geometric bulding structures and building blocks, also (esoteric ) inside as there are higher and lower triangles in the body.




The Two Intersected Triangles can slso be seen eg as union of higher threefold nature with lower threefoldnature, union of maskuline /feminine, fire and water, micro and macro cosmos .




One of the great things about Symbols, besides preserving knowledge, is that they can convey many meanings at the same time, and each can understand/ translate intepretate at their individual level and at the same time train the intuition.




The Circled dot Symbol card  and the 1 line ;
Center –  Alignment … & health






The Circled dot Symbol or the circumpunct symbol ; 1 Primal Source / – Primal Force. Through the dot is created/projected the first line, (lines) .. The Center from where all emanate from,and a return point . 2) Alternate overlay symbolisms; the dot represent your spirit or core self point at the center of your space. 3 A center place to return to or a centerpoint to focus opon or observe from, a place to Be from . 4) Dot represent Monad.



As ancient symbol, for alchemists ☉ the circumpunct symbol also represented gold , ´alchemical gold´ ( analogical mean personal and bodily elemental transmutation and purification ) … and sol / Sun.






The Equal armed Cross (of Nature / Crross of Balance ) can signify several meanings as well , eg. one  can symbolize the 4 physical elements, for transmutation and purification ´ ínto gold ´ in itself as symbol ..









– Elena