Building of the ´ Solar Temple ´

Building of the ´ Solar Temple ´






If the Soul-body Temple is a ´Solar Temple´ (to build in service ) The Sun is the only Star or Solar Light (soul ) be the only light in the Microcosmic Heaven (not lunar light).
The Sun illluminates the subconscious waters.
The soul may build and rule its microcosmic temple under divine will (power), love and intelligence, and responsibility .


Regarding Solar Temple & ´Solar light be the only light in the microcosmic sky´ ;
The lower bodies are build by ´lunar pitris´
meant as in they consist of involutionary elemental forces,
until transmuted and ´rebuild´ by the Soul /Solar light (evolutionary force ).




Eg if focussing on feeding  the astral body /desire body rather than building the Soulbody /´causal body´ / Karana-Sarira / ´ Higher Temple of Solomon ´ ( The Temple of the Soul on its own plane ), bonding and attachment with the ´lower lunar world´ and ´astral glamor and illusion ´ is maintained or strengthened as opposed to be dissipated in the clear light of the Soul.





On Ruling the  Stars or being ruled ;

When the Soul Master its Temple it rules its Internal Stars (chakra /wheels) and they can become pure mediums for Soul force and distribution of soulforce – And in that mastery the Soul ( or the yogi ) will also rule the Inner seasons or cyclic impulses, or least not be effected by them.

Part of the mastery involves balancing the the polarity forces represented by the nerve channels ida and pingala.


-Elena Santini