Pure Organic Vegetable Soap and Natural Attars.

Natural Pure Organic Soaps and Shampoos.

Like in Ancient Times Caring for The Bodily Temple
with Pure Oils, Soaps and Herbal Remedies.

Two Pillars have since Ancient time symbolised A Threshold,
An ancient or archetypical representation of :
Guarded Entrance, gateway, passage to sacred/ unknown, mysterious places,
holy places, realms, temples. 
Since Ancient Time the Physical Body has been regarded a Sacred Temple for
the Immortal Soul or Spirit. The physical body temple itself more or less immortalisable,
at a current time depending on ´ codes, templates, configurations and karma or karmic

The Blue Flowers above is The Flowers of Rosemary, more to read on Rosemary further below.The
Pure, Herbal Scent of Rosemary Oil. Salvia Rosmarinus, or Rosmarinus Officinalis. Flowers Blue like The Sea.
Ros Marinus latin; ´Dew of The Sea´.

Faith in Nature par example ; great shampoo / showergel brand that is not
tested on animals, + no parabenes, biodegradable,
no sodium laureth (chemical soap), no synthetics,
pure oils and herbs, no preservatives. Also Scent Free versions, great also
for Cats or animals that may need occassional bathing.



Even ´more pure and simple´ , than ´ bottled Natural
shampoo´ / shower gel , that I use persoanlly, is ; 

Organic Plantbased Shampoo/ Soap bars,
par example Organic Coconut, Organic Olive or Shea butter
shampoobars are really great for hair, scalp and crown
chakra area. Tree combs equally so for the scalp, hair
and ´crown chakra flow´. Plantbased,
simple natural ingreedients and free of
preservatives, synthetic perfumes and other toxic ingreedients, par example;

Coconutty Soapnut Shampoo Bar 90g from Living Naturally.


Organic Natural Shampoo Bar Coconut. Chagrin Valley, Ingreedients ;

Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Coconut Milk, Water, Organic Castor Bean Oil,
Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Palm Oil (Sustainable),
Organic Canola Oil, Organic Rosemary Oil Extract . Sulfate free, preservative free, sustainably sourced, cruelty-free, 100% natural and

made in small batches, with love .


These links are just examples;
There are many other organic vegetable brands that can be found, which also is not tested on animals
and include ´ethical harvest´ and fair trade. And there are the option of course of making pure vegetable soap
at home with love and care.

Or Organic Castile Vegetable baby mild  Liquid Soap or Bar for cleansing par example from Dr Bronner or similar.
https://shop.drbronner.com/ Dr Bronner has also those already with natural attars.
The baby mild liquid is as the title implies very pure and mild also if avoiding scent is wished.
For the babymild I add White Sage pure essential oil, and sometimes soothing  purifying  Rosemary Oil, rosemary
stimulate blood circulation on
scalp and body as well.

Sacred Rosemary. Salvia Rosmarinus ( Short Inter Section )

Rosemary Organic Shampoo Bar of Nea of Sweeden, example of a great nourishing
Rosemary shampoo bar, can also be used for body, all plantbased and not tested on animals.
The lovely herbal, pure scent of Rosemary. My favorite shampoo and body soap bar atm.
With Rosemary Oil and extract, pink clay, olive oil, ylang ylang, coconut and shea butter
among other.

natural ingreedients

Nea of Sweeden Website https://www.neaofsweden.se/harvard/rengoring/all-natural-vegetable-soap-shampoo-barbr

Rosemary and Ylang Ylang Flower.

The beautiful Pure, Herbal Scent of Rosemary Oil.
Salvia Rosmarinus, or Rosmarinus Officinalis. Ros Marinus latin; ´Dew of The
Sea´. Flowers Blue like The Sea.
Sacred purifying, protective, restorative herb.
Rosemary besides being a ´magical herb´, an Evergreen, with a beautiful
pure herbal scent, is an ancient natural healing and medicinal herb. Rosemary
is associated with purification, protection, physical as metaphysical. Also likely
used in Ancient Egypt Ceremonial, and protective, purifying oil for embalmment.
Rosemary is  associated with memory enhancement, stimulate memory and
bloodcirculation, and has antibacteriel effect.
Rosemary were highly revered and used in Ancient Greece and Rome as well.

Rosemary Oil synergize very well with White Sage Oil for a sacred precious blend.
Natural healing protective ´nature perfume scent ´ oil, mist or aromatherapy burning
one of my favourite blends.

Besides using White Sage and Palo Santo as attar oils, protective aura/ body mists,
for floor wash I add a few drops palo santo and white sage essential oil in a liquid
organic simple based biodegradable vegetable soap, for cleansing, purification and
protection on more than one level. Or I add organic Myrrh Oil.

Important in regards of these beautiful ancient healing trees, also myrrh, sandalwood, and
agarwood and frankincense et cetera to be aware of ´etchical harvest´ , and not contribute
to further exploitation.

Rosemary Flowers.

Regarding memory . . . and lucidity ; Drinking Tea prepared of White Sage Leaves,
fresh or dried before bedtime, can or may contribute to more dream clarity,
remembrance and lucidity . . . . . and purification. . . . . Rosemary Leaves can be
added as well, the ancient sacred herb connected with purification and memory,
higher potency combined with meditation before rest, ideally we should shift full
consciously from one plane to another, like ´at death´ . . . .conscious withdrawl . .

Salvias are generally very purifying, cleansing, protective and healing.
Salvia comes from Salvare, which in latin means ; to heal.
And Salvere ; to be healthy.

Salvia Rosmarinus Blue Flowers to the left. To the Right Flowers of Salvias. Salvia
Apiana the White Flowers; Sacred White Sage. There are several great Salvias / Sages,
with several medicinal, physical and metaphysical healing benefits and proberties,
and soothing herbaceous balsamic scents. Sacred White Sage, Blue Mountain Sage,
the Blue Flowers to the right , Mexican Sage, Greek Sage, the Yellow Flowers to the
far right, Salvia Divornum, The Blue /Purple Flowers to the right par example or
other Sage/ Salvia, there are many variations of the Salvia Family Tree.

Sacred White Sage and Salvias

Ideally for hair ( with pure water ) to use only water cleanse, to re- establish the natural self- cleaning abillities of the hair, and the natural production of protective, nourishing oil from the scalp.

Essentially and ideally I feel nothing should be used topical on the body that can not or would not feel good ingested through the mouth. Also why the ´purest ingreedients´ is desireble as absorbation happens through the cells anyway, and if filled with toxins the lymphatic system and body has to ekstra process through cleansing it out also from the organs and blood.

Our world has ´fallen
from pristineness´ in may ways, also with high toxic pullution both in the air
and waters, so applying the purest ingreedients in
dayli care can help the body with relief.

Generally speaking there are many raw fruit and vegetables that can or may aid the body in detox, as well as what is termed organic ´superfruits´ the ´clean greenes´ or cleansing greenes like chlorella, and spirulina but also a variety of other ´superfruit ´ raw powders, or berries and herbs and very importantly with lots of cleanesed, filtered or purified water, and enough rest /healing time for the body. Along with Physical & Spiritual Grounding in whichever way works best.  Exercise, yoga, chi work,  bio-energetic work, bio- energetic healing, bio -spiritual healing or physical training of a kind.

Generally speaking a high amount of vibrant raw foods
also can or may be very healing for the organs, cells, blood et cetera and supportive of the the bodys own self- healing abillities. Vegetable foods with prana, and organic to avoid pesticides, herbacides, gmo et cetera. And also what is can be called Adaptogenic Herbs or adaptogenic berries, plants, raw powders or ´ Adaptogenic Plant Medicine´ can or may support the body, psyche, nervous system  et cetera in self-healing and strengthening.

Natural Attars

Natural Attar is Natural Scented Plant, pure pressed
Flower or Plant Oil and Natural Essential (etheric) Oils
are without any synthetic chemicals, toxins or

For Healing Aromatherapy Oil Burning par example, or
cleansing and purification of a place or space,
or ´ceremonial atmosphere´.

Natural attars for non toxic Attars, deodorants,
aromas therapy prays, aura sprays, mists, bodyspray,
sacred salve and balms etcetera.

Dilution of Pure Essential Oils : Dilute a small amount
of drops Pure Essential Oil / etheric oil in cleansed
water spray, i. e. a glassbottle with diffuser spray
eg with some colloidal silver for aroma /
healing spray / deodorant / natural scented attar
´nature healing perfume´ or body, aura spray.
For deodorant can work well with aluminium free crystal
deodorant stick par example.

The Balsamic Pure Scent of White Sage Oil Attar,
as well its healing / protective, / purifying qualities.
Synergistic soothing blends;
White Sage Oil and Rosemary Pure Essential Oil.
Organic White Sage Oil and Pure Rose Oil. Also
as white sage smudging and burning of
pure rose petals incense together. Burning of the pure
organic dried petals gives a cleaner incense for
inhalation than with treesticks incence.

For more ´ Maskuline Scents´ rose and ylang flower can
be changed with more Woody Tones, like sandalwood, cedar wood,
cypress, palo santo or vertiver, amber, citrus, juniper, black pebber,
eucalyptus, frankincense, tea tree, saffron, cardemomme, nutmeg,
black tea, patchouli, bergamotte, benzoin, thyme, copal, or vanilla
however some of these scents can also subtly blend well in
´feminine scents´, or more universal blends.

Or Without Essential or Etheric Oil dilute pure organic herb,
plant, resin, or flower powder in a neutral organic
vegetable carrier oil par example almond oil or jojoba
oil for a Salve or Sacred Balm.

For healing oil, healing scent therapy or sacred
anointing oil, and I dont mean the latter in a ´religious

Scents effects our limbic system and thus can facilitate
healing and ´gateways´ between many layers.


For burning of the ´purest incense´ without tree sticks,
burn organic dried flowers, herbs or resins.

I recommend only using 100% pure natural essential oils
preferably organic or wildcrafted, for aroma therapy,
oil or water dilution, healing mists or diffuser etc, 
otherwise the health benefits are compromised.

Ancient Crystal Tools. The use of crystals to massage, regenerate,
stimulate meridian system, connective tissues and akupunkture points,
relaxation, healing and detox. Very good to use on the scalp as well,
meridian point pressuure.

This one is made of the Lovely Rose Quarts Crystal.

My Cat loves Crystal Massage Healing.

– Elena


I only use pure organic coldpressed oils for skin, face and hair. Like pomegranate oil,
cherry kernel oil, papaya seed oil, jojoba oil. hawthorn berry oil, almond oil.
And organic babymild plantbased castille soap bar for facecleanse like Dr Bronners.
I dont use powders, or make up only the pure oils, but i have an organic eyeliner
for rare occasions made with sheabutter and jojobaoil and with colour of Black Tea
and Blueberry .
Besides the high toxicicity of much make-up, although some are sold as ´organic or green´ etc,
a vast majority of it is cruely tested on innocent animals.

Disclaimer : All plant, herb information on this page is for educational purpose, with roots in ancient natural  healing and medicine lore. Inluxia or  Elena will not be responsible of any unwise or improber use of plants or herbs. Always seek medicinal practioner advice for cure or treatment of any illness.