Spirit of Truth …

Spirit of Truth …






The Spirit of Truth can stay with you, the fire of truth can burn you, or are inside to be realized, felt ..

The Spirit of Truth is, connected with infinite integrity …

Truth is not always what we want it to be; a beauty of truth in itself of its freeness and independence,
Yet everyone is free to have / choose what they feel, see or believe or realize is true, transcendentally, progressively, successively ; subjective and objective realizations.
yet the latter has somewhat been ´distorted and degraded´ in “ the new age solipsistic paradigm theres no truth only ´my´ perception “ …


The Truth need not convince anyone its truth, convincing and needs are ´personality aspects´ …



Direct spiritual ´perception ´ and revelation are qualities of the soul, looking into the worlds of objective manifestation, or looking into the inner worlds…
Discernement is a quality of Spirit, to discern what is true from false, and real from unreal.






Truth like silence is not a dead thing, it is Living,
There is The Living Truth… , and there is living the truth ( in ones life),
Like there is the living intelligence, the living light, the living love, the living spirit and the living will ; the living will of spirit.






To Reconcile 2 Aphorisms 
1 ; ” Truth to all beings ” ( Patanjali Bk 2 Sutra 30 )
2 ; Matthew 7:6 : ” Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.”
Several layer perspectives on this .. one can include
using energy and word wisely and without waste, knowing when to speak, what to speak, where and where not, and when to be silent.
And not underestimate the value of planting seeds, even if the earth seems appearently lesser fertile.




-Elena Santini



Note :
* ( Blue )  Triangle Picture       ; One Behind, 3 in outer manifestation  symbolically expressed.
Triplicity ; First 1 became 3 Trifold / Triplicity / Triplicities / Trinity . 3 in outer manifestation 1 behind . △ Triple flow .
Triads ,3-fold higher natures ,3 fold lower nature mirror, as above so below micro macro.
The Sun universally is ancient  symbol, or emblem of Deity


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Libra, Law and The Card Justice XI

Libra, Law and The Card Justice XI




On ´The Path of Return´ the Justice Card symbolically on one level refer to Embodiment of The Law. Embodiment of the Law in right knowing, right thought and right action, in integrity, truth, fairness, and love.

On The Way Back to Source we also Embody Spirit. In an ideal society, the spirit would be embodied, or least the Universal Principles behind the letter of The Law, and them adhered to rather than just adhering strictly to the letter.

As only the latter can quite easy cause blind belief, religious dogma and fanatism and ages of misunderstanding or misinterpretation based on the Letter of The Law and based on actual ´ Letters and Names ´ derived of alphabetic constructions, without seeing, feeling, realizing the Universals or The Spirit of The Law and the intention behind or eg a universal path behind, or taking literal what is symbolical, methaphorical or allegorical.




Sacred Juniper Berry Oil , Healing and Protection


Juniper Berry Oil






JUNIPER BERRY Pure Essential Oil, is a very soothing healing oil, also for aroma therapy burning …

Sacred Juniper Berry oil have been used since ancient times for purification, sacred ceremonial purpose, protection, medicinal and healing.



Juniper Berries have been found in Ancient tombs of Egypt… and the berries, needles and wood have been used in incense and for medicinal purpose since ancient times.


Sacred Juniper Berry, as pure essential oil, is a very soothing healing oil, also for Aroma Therapy Burning …
Has a lovely pure, sweet, woody, fruity scent.



A special soothing sacred Balsamic blend for aroma therapy burning is a few drops Juniper Berry Oil, + drop of  White Sage /Salvia and Cedar pure essential oil.
Herbs used since ancient times for ceremonial clensing, protection and purification of areas.


JUNIPER BERRY Organic Essential Oil is an antiseptic oil, cleansing, purifying, uplifting, calming, protective, detoxifying, tonic, digestive, stimulant, diuretic, promotes nerve regeneration, astringent, relaxing, antispasmodic, anti rheumatic, deodorant, a warming oil good for muscle pain, air detoxer /purifier , etc


Dilution of etheric / pure essential oils for healing aura /body spray, mist, deodorant, natural scented attar or room spray ; dilute a few drops pure essential oil in cleansed water spray eg also with some colloidal silver ( to purify the water ) . For healing oil ; dilute some drops pure essential organic oil in a neutral organic carrier oil.


Or dilute some drops in water in aroma therapy burner or use in diffuser.



In Ancient Lore of Juniper described to ward off evil, and no negative entities or demons able to withstand its power. I have personal experience that fits that from the astral plane, where Juniper Tree aided me in basnishing off an evil entity with immediate effect…

Juniper have been used to dispel sickness and for purification of air from gems and bacteria as an antiseptic. Also used been used for protection against dark magic spells.


Juniper have been found sarcophagi of ancient Egypt and have also been used for protective journers physical as well as metaphysical, and used ´ in the mysteries ´ …

Known by some as a Guardian of the threshold between this world and the next



A great deal of the Pure Natural Himalayan Tibetan Medicinal Herbal Incence has Juniper in them.



Juniper Berry Organic Facts https://www.organicfacts.net/juniper-berry.html


Black Frankincense has also been tested to eliminate bacteria and sterialize rooms eg in hospitals, as Juniper was oft used similar in more ancient times and the middle age with its antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal oil proberties, also for banishing of evil spirits and protection. The Mexican Resin Copal, has a somewhat slight resemblence scent as black frankinicense resin also effective in clearing and is used for clearing body of disease and exorcisms as well like black frankincense.. Burning the Balsamic Tea Tree Oil also work aniti bacterial, antifungal , anti parasitic clearing and purifying on more than the physical level ..,  as well as burning White Sage, and burning White Sage Oil .



– Elena Santini


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Disclaimer : All plant, herb information on this page is for education purpose, with roots in ancient natural  healing and medicine lore. Inluxia or  Elena will not be responsible of any unwise or improber use of plants or herbs. Always seek medicinal practioner advice for cure or treatment of any illness.

Fire ; Liberation, Destruction, Revealment, Illumination, Unification, Ressurection


Fire ; Liberation, Destruction, Revealment, Illumination, Unification, Ressurection …




Fire can liberate, destruction can liberate
that which is held within forms, or bring atonement or
unify that which is separated by veils.


Fire can illuminate, electrify and reveal that which is hidden.


Fire and Water can together or alone cause destruction, annihilation and obliteration both literal and occult.

( e.g destruction of past civilazations by fire and water )






Fire and Water can also cause purification, cleansing, regeneration, babtism and initiation.


Fire can incinerate that which is offered on the altar of sacrifice.

Some Fire is not extinguished by Water, and some Water does not extinguish fire.






Air has qualities of cleansing, elimination and purification as well,
refering to the airs of vitality in the ventricles in the head, that in
connection with the fire of kundalini can activate into such functionings.
As well there is ´death by air ´.






Some Fire and Water are meant to be married, thus their union comes into fruitation in the sacred wedding chamber
+ – △ ▽ (☆)

Before the day of the wedding preparations is made of red and white wine,
to balance their refinements into a third perfect solution.







The Serpent of Fire and the Fire of Right Knowledge burns away the veils of illusion.



The Cobra opened its mouth, within its mouth was another cobra opening its mouth, within the mouth of the second cobra was a fountain of water s .

Behold the snakes of temptation and maya veiled in astral light.


That which survives physical and metaphysical fire is imperishable.


That or Whom that riseth from fire, water and death into light and life
is The Resurrected.




Completion of △ Triple Fire Work, Micro and Macro Cosmic
The merging of the higher triadic /monadic fire with the mental fire and lower fire
of kundalini.







In the center of the Burning ground,
Reflected by the Circled Stars,
Esoteric Aries occulted in Uranus. Fire, Will and Scrifice,
In death and night, In day and light, In resurrection of Life,
In Descendence, In ascendence of Spirit .





– Elena Santini

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Path of Purity and Cleansing, Patanjali. And The Sea is No More

Path of Purity and Cleansing.  Patanjali





” In an ancient treatise upon meditation, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali ,we find the teacher proclaiming, “Through Purification comes also a quiet spirit… and ability to see the Self.” (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, II, 41.) Purification is of many kinds and degrees. There is physical purity and moral purity, and there is also that magnetic purity which makes a man a channel for spiritual force. There is psychic purity, which is a rare thing to find, and mental purity. The word “purity” comes from the Sanskrit word pur, which means freedom from alloy, from limitation and from the imprisoning of the spirit in the chains of matter. There can be no achievement without purification; there is no possibility of our seeing and manifesting divinity without passing through the waters that cleanse. “


-The Light of the Soul, its Science and Effect, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
– AAB / DK



Ashram and Purity .
The 1st physical externalization of the Inner /higher Ashram or Higher Temple is the physical body ( ´the lower temple of solomon´.. ´Soul body being higher solomonic temple´ to use one expression   or ´higher temple ´ ) why also and where physical, magnetic, astral/emotional and mental purity is of importance .




” Heavenly reflection through crystalline pure waters ” 



• In Raja Yoga the mind is known but an instrument of the Soul .





And  ….  The Sea is No More 




” And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea is no more.” Revelation 21:1

Considering that words and phrases in Revelation and the bible can be read esoteric, occult, symbolic, or ´Iniatory´, and each word, phrase and passage generally can have several levels of meaning. The phrase ” And The Sea is No More” and the passing away of the first earth ( ´body ´), could – knowing that Water in one of its symbolic meanings symbolize the illusionary astral plane – on one level refer to the Dissolvement of the Astral Body individual or collective, or least give strong associations to that ´event´…




Illusory Astral Body.


You will remember that I hinted to you in A Treatise on White Magic that the astral body itself was an illusion. It is the definition of the illusory mind upon the mental plane of that which we call the sumtotal of the desires of the man in incarnation. When illusion and glamor have both been overcome, the astral body fades out in the human consciousness. There is no desire left for the separated self. Kama-manas disappears, and man is then regarded as consisting essentially of soul-mind-brain, within the body nature. This is a great mystery, and its significance can only be understood when a man has controlled his personality and eliminated all aspects of glamor and of illusion. This is accomplished by accomplishing. This mastery is achieved by mastering. This elimination of desire is brought about by conscious eliminating. Get therefore to work, my brothers, and clarification of the problem must inevitably ensue. [67]


Glamor A world Problem . Alice A Bailey / DK




Photo Egypt Red Sea                              


Transformative Colours of Blue upon Red, metaphorically speaking.

The Ancient Symbolic of the Rose for Desire symbolically, as in the progress of changing or transforming the colours from deep red, at some point crossing over (purified / purifying ) blue to white eventually.



In other analogies The Rose is used also to symbolize the Personality, which is to – in one terminology – be refined, purified, transfigured, Sacrificed….. and eventually crucified upon the cross symbolically speaking ; The Rose on the Cross.



-Elena Santini


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Happy Equinox 21/ 03 ! Esoteric / Exoteric


Happy Equinox !

21/03 Spring Northern Hemisphere





As we understand cosmic cycles, solar cycles, planetary cycles,
As we understand the rythms, and cyclic impulses of the greater and smaller cycles interrelated, we may understand our own nature better intuitively, our solar nature and elemental bodies; the ebbs and flows, the changes, the inner and outer seasonal changes effected by cycles of nature and what lies beyond traditional understanding of nature and effected within by our solar (soul) nature.
As above so below , so when the soul meditates upon its formside, understandings and revealments will unveil for it, for in reality it is The Soul that meditates, and is the one dwelling in ´solar samadhi´. As man dwells in meditation with his Soul, he becomes more like that Soul, in incarnation, and may eventually control his own inner seasons and cyclic impulses.







Spring Equinox is a symbol of balance, balance of day and night , equilibrium between the above and below the horizon.
Balancing of the pair of opposites, balance of polarities.


At Equinox Sun is in Aries, The Esoteric ruler of Aries is Mercury .( supplementary ” ésoteric ruler” ; Uranus. ) Libra polar oppsite of Aries , balance

In Esoteric Astrology  The appearent 12 opposites evolutionary must become the blended six, by merging in consciousness of polar  opposites.


Esoteric Aries : ´ I come forward and from the plane of thought I rule ´ .


The Sun is exalted in Aries at Equinox, as it spreads its first rays of the new year.. The Sun represents life, spirit, radiation.


Esoteric Aries represent an expression of divine will /power 1st ray ; “ the will of god” so to speak.






The ´way out ´goes through balancing of the pairs of opposites, the ´return path´ goes through triplicity , “ 1 is 3 3 is 1 “ ( ´1 behind 3 in outer manifestation´ ), when the illusion of 2 is recognized, 3 is appearent in all manifestations of divinity ; higher trifold natures, triads, trinities and lower threefold natures of our physical emotional mental nature bodies.

And the 3 gunas inherent in all substance sattva, rajas, tamas is also a 3 fold expression or quality, there are several explanations used for the 3 gunas, but since this Day of Equinox is about rythm and cycles, I will use the words rhythm, mobility and inertia.

Yet ´The mystery ´ of what lies beyond numbers, words and names is for each to unveil for himself….



On Spring Equinox the Veil is thinning, metaphorically between the superconscious, self conscious and the subliminal ( * the subliminal or transliminal is symbolically represented by the high priestess in tarot ) or generally understood the subconscious.






Spring Equonix is opening the door to new creation so to speak, a time of replenishing, ´spring alchemy ´, renewal, resurrection and growt, trees unfold their leaves, sprouts rise from the earth soil, flowers blossom, the sun is more radiant high in the heaven, pranically nourishing the growth of the new, and radiating love of the solar heart, illuminations from the spiritual sun hidden behind a disc of golden light, beyond our radiant solar orb.






Spring Blessings ?
May you grow and glow
Grow in self awareness, Glow in spirit
Weather mineral, plant, animal or human
We are all children under the same Sun



– Elena Santini




The Divine Eye – The 3rd Eye – The Eye of The Soul



The Divine Eye – The 3rd Eye – The Eye of The Soul





The Eye in its triple aspect △ ; The Eye of Vision; of seeing , The Eye of knowledge ; of knowing , The Eye of directing force and energy ; of direction and distribution.



In Egypt they showed the fully developed , active and opened 3rd eye e.g on some headresses where the ´ snake´ symbolizes it and how it works : like a ´snake´ comming out from between the eyebrows with an eye in the end, ´snake´ not be understood literal.






When one learn To Focus with this Eye at the end of the snake or ´tube´ , nothing is too big or too small to see re between the atoms or solarsystems.
The snake on the headdress or ´ snake marked on above forehead´ in different cultures can in some versions have other meaning references as well, eg the reference of activated kundalini.


*´Snake´ = Tube ; like a living pulsating tube ´anatomically´ , how i saw it a night like standing inside the tube ´, saw it pulsate vibrate in light, prior to seeing symbols at the end of the tube, shown, appearing on a living Etheric Dark Blueish background with little sparks, like on a living ´subtle glittering´ tapestry of Ether.
Among many functions can work as´telescope or microscope´ also, when one can fully control it by training, it can be used to zoom in and out as well. ( Sharing these experiences in attempt to put some pieces together of lost knowledgde of the Eye ..





Clairvoyant Leadbeater writes about and describes
The Eye in end of tube /Snake ´   writes about such flexible tube also :


233 ” The centre between the eyebrows is connected with sight in yet another way. It is through it that the power of magnification of minute physical objects is exercised. A tiny flexible tube of etheric matter is projected from the centre of it, resembling a microscopic snake with something like an eye at the end of it. This is the special organ used in that form of Clairvoyance, and the eye at the end of it can be expanded or contracted, the effect being to change the power of magnification according to the size of the object which is being examined.
This is what is meant in ancient books when mention is made of the capacity to make oneself large or small at will. To examine an atom one develops an organ of vision commensurate in size with the atom.
This little snake projecting from the centre of the forehead was symbolized upon the head-dress of the Pharaoh of Egypt, who as the priest of his country was supposed to possess this among many other occult powers. “







Im Not talking of the socalled ´ minds eye´ – ´sixth sense´ … this is more like an ´Organ´ in it self , not physical organ but ” spiritual organ ” inbuild or build in Etherically and connected with the physical. Having and inview opening into the etheric and soul and spirit plane and and inview into astral and mental spheres also, so may therefore also be builded / ´come to exist´ in astral and mental matter substance.
´ Building The Eye or Eyes to See´ gives a meaning …



Im not talking of the pineal gland in itself either as the 3rd eye, Im talking about the spiritual eye ; The Eye of The Soul. A tool of the soul. The pineal gland is a physical gland and the 3rd Eye is in Etheric substance, but other factors than pineal gland influence it meaning in ; how it came to be and become builded / created in etheric substance, its connected to the pineal gland and Ajna center, and the Soul but created /build by several factors overlapping as I undertand, but i cant ´technically´ describe the connections, this is the best of explanations i can give at this point.





The 3rd Eye and Destruction.
The 3rd eye can be used also to Destroy and rebuild . Internally e.g the body temple , for higher purpose in process of purification and transmutation and building of character . Destroying and rebuilding of the ´lower energy bodies /subtle bodies ´ including physical level. The latter physical level also mean potentially that sickness can be driven out of a physical body, out of the physical materia itself by the use of the Eye.
Remember though several physical illness may not have their origin in the physical but might be from the emotional, etheric or even mental level that have ´densified´ or ´ karmically related´, or caused by disharmony between soul and body and lack of vital pranic in- /flow.
The 3rd EYE and Destruction have refrences in some of the understandings of ” Shivas Eye ”



As well the 3rd Eye+ physical eyes respectively the left or right , including / with Ajna point center △ , ▷ , can be used to direct soul energy and energy/force/rays through to build up and sustain eg , or transference of directed energy and by that i dont mean ´ ímagination ´ .



So triple aspect of the Eye △ ; Eye of Vision, and Eye of knowledge and Eye of directing force and energy.

Speaking of Triple  / Triangle ; The CrownCenter , The Ajna center and Alta major center ´ makes a great triangle ´.




Generally the 3rd Eyes -to its Full potential aspects – needs re-opening with responsibility after general ´ lock down ´ after planetary abuse….as It is a powerful tool…or can be a powerful tool of Destruction and more …




Re 3rd Eye Solely focus on * pineal gland ´dis or mis info´on the internet : “Calsified pineal gland blocks 3rd Eye…just decalsify and it will activate open etc etc” .
Theres is this to it besides building it fully e.g. its a long(er) process of Internal in the body energy system to create Harmonic and Stable ´Electricification´ of energybodies , energy centers and nervous systems that has to fully work together as a whole in the Conscious process and experience on using it .. E.g. when shifting ´the eye´ Consciously to see between worlds, dimensions, times, places, atoms , solarsystems etc like shifting channels… it needs stable, harmonic synergy between many layers of consciousness and body densities ..



– Elena Santini



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Every teacher or ´master ´ is but a student himself seen in a greater cosmic perspective.


Every teacher or ´master ´ is but a student himself seen in a greater cosmic perspective.






Everything should be questioned from the perspectives 1) An Honest and right Questioning has the potentional to carry a student greatly forward on his own. 2 ) No one is infallible, and every teacher, master, guide is but a student himself in a greater cosmic perspective of planetary and Solar Systems and the inner G_d as the ultimate teacher, progressive /proccessive / successive revelation 3) Several ´esoteric teachers´ do from time to time deliberately give false explanations or veil it in blinds symbolic or otherwise either A) to filter off those whom they deem are not ´worthy ´ or ´ready ´ for the truth B) which can also be connected to A, to make people train their discrimination and discernment abillities. 4 ) Sometimes those who  lead  ´are  blind that lead the blind ´.


So on Truth and Knowlege its beneficial everyone should come to their own conclusions, based on right discrimination, the use of intuitions, explorations and self-experience, to fully comprehend, realize and live what words or teachings only can be pointers towards.



NB: On 3 ´Hidden knowledge ´, concealment or ´blinding´ .
I can understand why some knowledge or information may be ´hidden´ before revealment until a certain level purity intent, character building, integrity ,ethics is integrated eg for safety for oneself or others, or for preservation but those who hide knowledge for pride, elitism, service to self and other selfish reasons is a dark path.



* Focus on the messengers or a teacher vs the Message or the Teaching has its polarity extremes, like idolizing or glamoring the messenger or wanting to kill the messenger, hating the messinger etc
Both in the idolizing and hate, the objectivity or maybe a needed critical thinking or discerment , is likely suspended..





Eucalyptus, Lemon and Tea Tree Oil


Eucalyptus,  Lemon and Tea Tree Oil



Eucalyptus Oil





The Balsamic Scent of Eucalyptus Oil , also magical healing in aroma burner with drops of pure Lemon essential oil .

Eucalyptus is a high purifying, cleansing, stimulating, protective oil ….with an invigorating pure herbaceous fragrance.

Relaxing, purificatory, soothing, balancing and uplifting ´fiery ´ , with many medicinal proberties as well. It may be antiviral, antibacterial , effective in steem inhalation  for cold, sore throat, cough and bronchitis or used in aroma burner or diffuser . Can be used as muscle relaxant as well, diluted in a carrier oil apllied on the muscle area or a few drops in a warm bath tub.

Can be used  as well for purification of space and room, on several levels, physical as metaphysical.


NB: re aroma burner most candles are highly toxic and polluting , so i reccomend only pure organic plantbased stearin non toxic candles and if useing aroma burner and only 100% pure Essential Oils organic, Or use a diffuser .


Natural aroma -healing spray or oil or deodorant .

Dilute a few drops organic essential oil in a spraybottle with cleansed water and eg some colloidal silver .or dilute some drops in a neutral organic carrier oil .

Great universal scent options for making natural deodorant besides lemon oil, is Lavender , balsamic tea tree , eucalyptus , or salvia oil eg.


Diluted in some water in aroma burner or diffuser these oils as 100% pure organic oils are highly potent healers on physical and meta physical levels.


Health benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil  may include : https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/essential-oils/health-benefits-of-eucalyptus-essential-oil.html





Lemon Oil




The health benefits of lemon oil can be attributed to its stimulating  qualities , uplifting, calming, purifying , carminative, anti-infection,  deodorant, tonic, astringent, detoxifying, antiseptic, disinfectant, stress relief,  rejuvenating, anti fungal, regenerative,  skin care,  internally  purify by drinking lemon water etc


Lemon Oil Organic Facts https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/essential-oils/health-benefits-of-lemon-oil.html




Tea Tree Oil or  maleleuca alternifolia 





Burning Balsamic Tea Tree Oil in aroma burner or diffuser is extremely soothing on many levels and purifying, releasing and calming.  In Aroma burner with a few drops in some water, its Balsamic Scent and effect comes to fullness.   Also it purifies the air.

Tea Tree oil has many high potent physcical, metaphysical, and medicinal proberties.
Its benefits can be contributed to antibacterial, antiseptic, deodorant, antiviral, exspectorant, stimulant, fungicide etc.

Burned in diffuser or aromatherapy burner its cleansing both physical and metaphysical,  and can be used to cleance space and rooms of negative energies.


Organic facts link


Link Essential Oils: The Psychic Medicine of Tea Tree Oil


In my perspective Mother Earth has naturally all plants herbs needed for healing and medicine, counter intuitive and counter logic otherwise. And if there is some not there (yet or before ) maybe theres a collective or planetary ´karmic´ reason for that ..


– Elena Santini





Disclaimer : All plant, herb information on this page is for education purpose, with roots in ancient natural healing and medicine lore. Inluxia or  Elena will not be responsible of any unwise or improber use of plants or herbs. Always seek medicinal practioner advice for cure or treatment of any illness.

To perform The Great Work we must take guidance from our Higher Self

To perform The Great Work we must take guidance from our Higher Self, and proceedingly become our Higher Self, which brings us into Universal Harmony and an expression for Divine Will.




” Every man’s true teacher is his own higher self, and when the life is brought under the control of reason, this higher self is released from bondage to appetites and impulses, and becomes priest, sage, and illuminator.” – Manly P.Hall






“ Each Soul has to ascertain for himself, and must find out within himself, remembering ever that the kingdom of God is within, and that only those facts which are realised within the individual consciousness as truths are of any real value. “ – AA Bailey Initiation Human and Solar


” There is but one authority – each man’s own immortal Soul, and that is the only authority which should be recognized. ” _ AA. Bailey / DK .



” Complete obedience to any guru or mahatma in the sense of complete subjugation of the will is never taught in the True Science of Yoga ( Union ) . Subjugation of the lower man to the will of the Inner God is taught and all the methods and rules of yoga (Union ) are to this specific end. ”

– The Light of the Soul: Its Science and Effect
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali AA Bailey






Important questions in self -evaluation in the Great work of the Ageless Wisdom.
“ Is my study and work transmuting the base metal of my personality into gold of real attainment ? Are my desires becoming purer, my mental processes clearer, my intuition better defined ? “

– Paul Foster Case








No true teacher or ´master´ wants people just to repeat what they say like parrots, theres no real evolution in that or experiental essential self integration, Every mans true teacher and authority is his /her own Higher Self. Self Realization means realizing truth through the Self. As much as a teacher, master can be a tempoarily guide on the way, worshipping these and giving power away to them, is self disempowering, and like ´ creating blocks on the internal source line´.



A thousand books can be read, or lectures heard but if Knowledge is not Internalized to be made ones own and experienced, realised, and Eksternalised into ones own practice it remains just words and theories.






Meditation focussed and intended in Soul -Alignment and soul contact can be a great aid in ´ becomming the Higher Self ´. Visualize the alignment if neccessary..

And dwelling in Soul-meditation, on the causal plane of the Soul.


In becomming ´The Higher Self´, besides soul-alignnment meditation & dwelling in soul-meditation on the caual plane, theres also rythmic aid; as in feeling /- hearing the rythms, sounds, tones, melodies of the Soul ( and later the Monad) and let them integrate in the mental, physical, etheric, emotional/astral bodies, to vibrate them in unison in a coordinated way: letting the ´lesser rythms´ in daily life be assimilated into the (integrated) ´higher rythms.´



And the calming sound of the breath Logoic ……. ( letting the ´ little breath´ be absorbed into the rythm of the greater breath ). .








Walking With The Elements



Walking With The Elements

Walk on earth – master the physical body / physical plane.
Walk on water – master the emotional and astral body /astral plane. ( In one meaning water is also symbolic of the illusion, and as in not being ensnared by it ).
Walk on air – master the mental body/ mental plane (s), thoughts and fire_s.


NB: The text is meant metaphorically and symbolically also, not to be taken all literal..
´Walking on water´ also refer to subjugation of the astral nature. To literally withstand the gravitaional pull and materialize the power to literally walk on water is of least signifigance in the context in which this is written.




The hexagram the 2 intersected triangles △ ▽ sometimes despicted with a circle around has multiple inlay of meanings. it is said that one who knows them all is cosidered to be an ´adept´.

On one level it can be seen  as an ancient symbol that gives understanding to some of this current universe structure, revealing geometric bulding structures and building blocks, also (esoteric ) inside as there are higher and lower triangles in the body.
It can also be seen as union of higher threefold nature with lower threefoldnature, union of maskuline /feminine, fire and water, micro and macro cosmos .


In regards of the sexual force, when the sexual energy is controlled, and astral body subjugated ; the solar plexus no longer dominate, the upward life then can become primary controlling factor, and thus symbolically ´freedom from water ´ is gained, the Soul is emancipated and can no longer be held by ´the waters of illusion´ or by ´enthrallment of the lower formworlds´.


One of the great things about Symbols, besides preserving knowledge, is that they can convey many meanings at the same time, and each can understand/ translate intepretate at their individual level and at the same time train the intuition.


+ – △ ▽ (☆)




     An Upward pointed Pentagram have several meanings including :   The spirit / higher self within master /rule /subjugate the elemental layers within / lower subtle bodies  , ´an initiation symbol ´, a protective symbol against dark and evil spirits , the microcosm, the 4 elements +ether …



“The pentagram is the figure of the microcosm—the magical formula of man. It is the one rising out of the four—the human soul rising from the bondage of the animal nature. It is the true light—the “Star of the Morning.” It marks the location of five mysterious centers of force, the awakening of which is the supreme secret of magic.”
– Manly P. Hall



The  ETHER can be concidered  as ´matter´ as well , just the finest most subtle substance of matter, compared to mental matter, astral matter, and physical matter, but of which these ´denser forms of matter ´ and their subplanes are manifestations of in their differentiated octaves and substance qualities.



– Elena Santini




Esoteric and Occult

Esoteric and Occult


Theres much more i could say about this …. but abillity of ´limitation´ in expression can be as important valuable as ´expansion´ in a time or moment

Just as ´Occult Silence ´ is of value.
To know when to speak, what to speak and when to be silent.
As much a value to know the power of sound as well as the power that lies hid in silence, and in rythm.



does Not mean ´for a selected few´. Esoteric mean internal, inner or beyond the visible physical,  whereas exoteric mean external, outer  physical.  It has always been Free for anyone to seek that which is esoteric, if the seeking is with pure heart and pure higher motive the results will be accordingly,  if the esoteric is seeked with intentions of service to self, the seeking can be forfilled as well,  consequential either way.

Seeking the esoteric does not equal being part of a ´secret society´, the esoteric is present beyond physical appearence, also there are Inner Schools for the honest seeker.



As well as there may be corruption in some ´esoteric societies´ it does not mean all, as well as corruption is in some physical societies or instituitions does not mean in all. As well as some people or beings  are or have been corrupted in higher levels it does not mean that all people are.
The practise of * Discernemnet is more evolutionary than biased thinking and prejudice.



For various reasons some knowledge do come in ” graduated sequences “,  or in successive, progressive revelation …
And certain knowledge may be saved /hidden because a certain level of purity intent, character building and ethics and training is required for saftey before revealment.



That some groups may have ´hidden knowledge´ for selfish reasons/ for service to self is another subject and a dark path / not evolutionary.

And  any ´ secret societies ´ ( internally within themselves or externally ) or individuals who step down on others to ´get up ´ are not following a ´light path´ (or evolutionary path ) ; no-one gets up by stepping down on others, even if some (delusional) think they do (and it could appear so tempoarily short), Natural Laws or The Law doesn´t work that way.






I am for truth to all beings,  I am also for preserving some esoteric and pure ( ´white ´ ) occult knowlegde in its original state uncorrupted, the latter seen in the perspective and context how some ´esoteric truths´ are (still ) getting degraded, twisted, corrupted, ripped out of original contexts and now also ´new aged´ through media , ´dark masonrism´ but also ´spiritual ´ internet sides etc .


I am  not for ´dumb-ing ´anything down,  which i do not mean in any arrogant way, but out of love for the purity of truth and knowledge,  and i see a differerence or distinction in knowledge being shared gradually or simplified and it being ´dumbed down ´ .


Also symbolic expressions and Symbols have potentially a quality of preserving knowledge in a more pure state without ´it being dumb-ed down ´ plus everyone can unerstand /get it / translate at their individual level, understanding symbols is great way of training the intuition also and connecting the subconscious with the conscious and even superconscious


Old age religious stigmatation and demonization mixed with ´ new age´ propaganda and disinformation/misinformation, and agendadized conspiracy info spins has contributed to unjust persecutions of the esoteric itself without any discrimination, even to the point it has similarity to the psychological mechanisms of ´blame -shifting´, which is a condition that generally should be seeked acknowledged and healed (along with other shadowprojections & accountabillity ) within the ´human nature´ , a nature that is both esoteric and extoteric. conscious and subconcious.







And Ancient symbols of nature, the universe and micro macro cosmos , which in todays world is subjected to much old religious standard demonization, misintepretations of conspiracy theorists, propaganda and online disinformation, distortion and bias. And mainstream pop inflation and perversion of the symbolism and use connected to money,  greed,  control , service to self and power of which the Symbols in their pure undistorted forms has Nothing to do with, as little as powerhungry people, celebreties money, fame, control or greed hungry people has anything to do with pure ´illuminism´ /illumination, which is an internal, integral and bodily purifying/purified experience/process, and so also the word ILLUMINATI has been wrongly selftaken by some and wrongly given to and misued to label immoral, corrupt powerhungry unscrupulous people.


The Symbols that Masonrism has used is a reflection of older times ancient symbols par example Egyptian or Atlantean are today like Free Masonry in general , ´secret societies´ etc often the target of new and old aged standard demonization, from the conspiracy and ´truther movement ´ and people who cant discern and discriminate adds to all the online propaganda.



There is a dark path of masonry going on, as well there still exist a true white / light path ( like there are dark magicians as well as white magicians,  dark occultists and white occultits etc ), but many today judge it all without right discrimination, many people on the internet can not or ´will  not ´ discern that and prejudiced and unjust blame all masonry or ´secret societies´ without any discrimination for ´all ´bad in the world..
The ´will not ´ is a way of saying it can relate to many people seek someone outside to blame for whatever or are mind-controlled by internet propaganda and disinformation ..




The True old Light Path of Masonry par example is a Path of unselfishness, service and purification. here below described in a beautiful excerpt by Manly P Hall from the Lost Keys of Free Masonry  https://www.in-luxia.com/2018/06/19/the-light-path-of-masonry-as-of-old-by-manly-p-hall/  








– ” One point should here be stated: Esotericism is not in any way of a mystical and vague nature. It is a science – essentially the science of the soul of all things – and has its own terminology, experiments, deductions and laws. When I say “soul,” I refer to the animating consciousness found throughout nature and on those levels which lie outside the territory usually called nature. Students are apt to forget that every level of awareness, from the highest to the lowest, is an aspect of the cosmic physical plane, and is therefore (from the angle of evolutionary process) material in nature, and (from the angle or point of view of certain divine Observers) definitely tangible and formed of creative substance. The esotericist is dealing with substance all the time; he is concerned with that living, vibrant substance of which the worlds are made and which – inherited as it is from a previous solar system – is colored by past events, and is (as has been said) “already tinged with karma.” It should also be noted that just as the physical plane, so familiar to us, is not regarded as a principle by the esoteric student, so the cosmic physical plane (from the standpoint of the cosmic lives) is likewise “not a principle.” I give you here much food for thought. “

” All true esoteric activity produces light and illumination “

– DK ( The Tibetan )





☆ Occult


As well the essential meaning of ´Occult ´ has been unjust stigmatised and persecuted without discrimination and discerment.

´Occult´ refer to that which is hidden. And Occultism refer to and deals with the invicible Forces that bring about that which is visible physical ;
Par example ; what makes a plant grow,  which ´hidden forces´ contribute to its aliveness, form and expansion in the physical form, which life force(s) brings it to life.  What sustains the etheric form and etheric life force that sustains the physical plant.


Which invisible force (s) or greater light (s) brings light through our physical sun, where /what is the great light that sustain and shines through all the lesser lights, and ´lesser suns ´ .

What im saying with these 2 examples is that it concerns that which can be cosidered occult knowledge / knowledge of invisible forces bringing about that which is seen, and can be studied in Nature it self ….. …is what lies beyond normal understood nature from spiritual to phsyical bodies in these cosmical physical planes.


And yes in addition an individual can chose to train and practice ´occult ways´ weather that be the  white occultist  or dark occultist, with consequential laws either way.
I do not use the word occultist in the same meaning as if i said magician, sourcerer or witch.



A ´ White Path ´ usually invovles responsibillity that also includes higher service, and hereby also sharing of what may be beneficial, relevant and helpful to others ( not all ´higher service´ is externalised directly in that way though and may remain unseen.. )





Occultist & Mystic
In qualitative effects evolutionary  the ´ occultist ´ and the ´ mystic ´ could benefit from eachothers ways, meant in an internal bridgeing /blending way .
Generally speaking ´ Mystics´ are more ´ feeling based ´ in seeking higher union, where ´the Occultist´ is more ; self disciplined , spiritual and nature scientific, and mental in approach but not without intuition.
Yet both the ´mystic and the ´occultis´ could some where along the line benefit from eachothers ways in a fruitful way :
Eg The mystic could benefit from the dicernment abillities , practicality and self discipline of the occultist .
And the Occultist could benefit from the direct internal upward vertical way /line the mystic often seeks to open inside.  Some occultists could be more balanced with more ´heart energy ´ and some mystics could be more balanced with more of the ´higher intelligence aspects ´ the occultist often work with .



All ´ true esoteric or occult ´ progress, happens slowly. If progress appear to happen ´faster´ , it can be contributed to ´blend in´ of other life experiences /or previous aqquirements released from the ´talent cores of the soul ´ . There are no shortcuts to ´true progress´, what is build (up ) slowly and steady is ´everlasting ´ .




      “Let the seeker after truth escape from drowning and climb the river’s bank. Let him turn towards the Northern Star and on firm ground stand, his face directed towards the light. Then let the star lead.”   –  An Ancient Symbolic phrasing




Block or blocks for (deeper) Truth : Condemnation without any personal knowing, or personal experience or investigation or exploration or discernment, condemnation without (right ) understanding or without patience to develop understanding, condemnation based on dogma, or what the propaganda internet sites and propaganda youtube videos wants you to believe …





Truth owns itself .

No ´system´ esoteric or exoteric, or individual owns Truth
Truth owns it self objectively seen,  it is living,
though the one who experience can have ´subjective truths´.
( as there can be ´group truths´ and universal truths ).
In a world and its less denser layers mind controlled and manipulated, it is self-Aligning not accepting ´truths´ / things as true that Is not embodied or self-realised, or not in ressonance with ones highest intuitions, and speak against ´ logic in greater perspective ´ if tested with that.



◊ ◊ ◊ ´ Logic in greater perspective ´ can be/ involve the micro-macro cosmic, holistic,  planetary, mineral, plant, animal, human, solar of ´things´ inter relatedness, sequences and natural ´cause and effects´ upon eachother.
There are some laws or fact(ors) that apply both to an atom, a man, a planetary logos and a solar logos.





Discernment .                       


The abillity of Reasoning works well with Intuition in self work and in discernment.
Intuition and logic  works well together in discernment.


And effective Discernment and Discrimination to See through glamor and illusion and real from unreal and true from false, comes through the Clear Light of the Soul or Spirit through the Brain.


Also There is a direct discernment abillity that is pure feeling and direct physical discernment abillity.


Taste in a metaphysical way is also a  discernment abillity.
Metaphysical taste can ´desnsify ´ to be felt very physical on the tounge and in mouth.

Or vice versa physical taste discernment can be ´tuned up´ on a methaphysical level.


And sound discernment ; the hearing of the sounds and tones or scattering sounds behind e.g  ´ masqueraded veils of love and light ´.





Will & Love for Truth ◊ ◊ ◊


If one truly desires to know truth, to will the truth and knowlegde, have that flame of desire burning or ignited, truth (s) will appear through dedication, discernment abillities, intuitive faculties, experiental integration and embodiment .. Through dedication and self-responsibility the flame will sustain ; with no inner dedication, with no true honest pure ´higher motive´ and consistency, and ruling other desires to be more occupied with and ´gratified´ with 1000 other things, that inner flame that lights the path looses sustainabillity …


◊ ◊ ◊


The ´Flamekeeper´ is you , the Higher Self is the Guide


☆ ( Do you love truth ? I do )



•The keys to all liberation and illumination lies within the self .





Symbols are but symbols .



“While the ignorant multitudes brought their offerings to the altars of the gods, the wise recognized in these marble statues only symbolic concretions of great abstract truths.” – Manly P. Hall






” Kabbalah and Theosophy, in reality, represent two interpretations or representations of the same inner, mystical teachings of the universal, ancient wisdom religion ” Peter von Sass
I feel that is true as opposed to ´traditional placing kabbalah into judaism -biblical times origins´; like the inner mysteries of all religions are connected and expressions of the same inner core or ancient or ageless wisdom teaching dressed in somewhat diffrentiated outer bodies.
Meaning also that what we now call by the name ´kabbalah´ ( in lack of a more original name ) in pictoral, symbolic, systemic constellation also in ´ essentials ´ have been expressed in ancient egypt or even atlantis for understanding, teaching, and initiation system .



-Elena Santini


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Building of the ´ Solar Temple ´

Building of the ´ Solar Temple ´






If the Soul-body Temple is a ´Solar Temple´ (to build in service ) The Sun is the only Star or Solar Light (soul ) be the only light in the Microcosmic Heaven (not lunar light).
The Sun illluminates the subconscious waters.
The soul may build and rule its microcosmic temple under divine will (power), love and intelligence, and responsibility .


Regarding Solar Temple & ´Solar light be the only light in the microcosmic sky´ ;
The lower bodies are build by ´lunar pitris´
meant as in they consist of involutionary elemental forces,
until transmuted and ´rebuild´ by the Soul /Solar light (evolutionary force ).




Eg if focussing on feeding  the astral body /desire body rather than building the Soulbody /´causal body´ / Karana-Sarira / ´ Higher Temple of Solomon ´ ( The Temple of the Soul on its own plane ), bonding and attachment with the ´lower lunar world´ and ´astral glamor and illusion ´ is maintained or strengthened as opposed to be dissipated in the clear light of the Soul.





On Ruling the  Stars or being ruled ;

When the Soul Master its Temple it rules its Internal Stars (chakra /wheels) and they can become pure mediums for Soul force and distribution of soulforce – And in that mastery the Soul ( or the yogi ) will also rule the Inner seasons or cyclic impulses, or least not be effected by them.

Part of the mastery involves balancing the the polarity forces represented by the nerve channels ida and pingala.


-Elena Santini


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Faculty of Discrimination, and the Harmony of Intuition and Logic


Faculty of Discrimination, and the Harmony of Intuition and Logic .



VIVEKA. The Sanskrit “discrimination”. The very first step in the path of occultism……is the discrimination between the real and the unreal, between substance and phenomenon, between the Self and the Not-self, between spirit and matter.





Faculty of Discrimination to discern between illusion and real, and between true and false.
Also the Light Of The Soul poured into the Brain aids in great discernment ability, to See through glamor and illusion.


Pure reasoning and higher intuition are perfect complementaires ; Although true higher intuition is beyond reasoning, abillity of pure reasoning and discrimination is deeply valuable on the Path, in observation, in selfwork, in discernment, in life, and in understanding /seeing ´objective manifestation and its underlying principles ´ .

 By ´ higher intuition ´ i refer to that of the Soul in contrary to ´ lower phychisms of the animal nature in man ´





Wrong deductions and incorrect reasoning can create errors in the subconsciousness and distort further registrations, conclusions and ´conscious thought´ until corrected. Right knowledge comes (among other things) from correct (or clear) observation ( or witness), correct (or clear) perception (or intuition) and correct deduction. The subconsciousness is like a garden, weather weed or seeds of right knowledge is sown it will grow.



True Intuition and Logic are in harmony and can work perfectly together; and Logic can be ´transcendental´ and can be in greater perspective ; can be/ involve understanding of the micro-macro cosmic (´ as above so below ´), holistic, planetary, mineral, plant, animal, human, solar of ´things´ inter relatedness, sequences and natural ´cause and effects´ upon eachother ;

there are some laws or fact(ors) that apply both to an atom, a man, a planetary logos and a solar logos.



It is Inner Self Aligning not accepting ´truths´ / things as true that Is not embodied or self-realised, or not in ressonance with ones highest intuitions, and speak against ´ logic in greater perspective ´ if tested with that also.

*Inner Self also can be understood as ´Higher Self´.






Taste as Faculty of Discrimination / Discernment
Taste on a metaphysical level is also a  discernment ability.
Metaphysical taste can ´desnsify ´ to be felt very physical on the tounge and in mouth .
Or vice versa physical taste discernment can be ´tuned up´ on a methaphysical level


” The Seer is pure knowledge (gnosis). Though pure, he looks upon the presented idea through the medium of the mind. ” – Patanjali yoga sutra

Direct cognition of the Seer or yogi centered in the consciousness of the self



Essence threads of truth and concrete understandings.



– Elena Santini




Great nourishing organic Juice -smoothies


Great nourishing organic Juice -smoothies





1/ Aronia, beet, apple, broad leaf parsley, ginger, lemon, filtered water.( in this the aronia is rawpowdered).


2/ Orange, coconutmilk, hawtorn (sea buckthorn hawtorn berry powder ), acerola powder, sweet lucuma powder.


3 / Banana, advocado, coldprssed virgin olive oil, lemon, spinach leaves. Add water for preferred fluid consistency.


3 Alternate Nourishing Rich version ;

Indigo Cream :

Banana, advocado, coldprssed virgin olive oil, lemon, spinach leaves. a pinch of pink himalaya salt + Bluenerries , dates and substitute water with almond milk. and add a little acai powder-





4/ Almond milk, raw shelled hempseeds ( have a nutty taste ), chia seeds, aronia, dates.


5/ Apple, brocoli, lemon, cucumber, celery, filtered water.




6 /  Aronia Latte :
Warmed or cold  coconut milk ( or other plantbased milk eg cashew, almond, hemp, )aronia raw powder and maple syrup.
A nourishing Berry Latte, can be amade with aronia berries, aronia juice or powder.
Aronia Berry is an amazing berry with several health benefits.

Green Matcha Latte and Hawthorn Lattes are also highly nourishing, energizing





One Green Planet ? 1000´s of Nutrient Plantbased Recipes
Sorted by meal categories in this link http://www.onegreenplanet.org/channel/vegan-recipe/
One Green Planet Recipe & Features by this link http://www.onegreenplanet.org/channel/vegan-food/



One Green Planet ? Online guide to make more conscious choices for people, animals and the planet ?Features ; Life, living, home, garden ,animals, nature, earth , recipes, nutrition, health …

The Angel, Solar Angel, the Card Temperence and The Great Work


The Angel, Solar Angel, the Card Temperence and The Great Work





The Angel in the Card is a Symbol of the Higher Self /Soul / Solar Angel, shows to perform The Great Work we must take guidance from our Higher Self, and proceedingly become our Higher Self, which brings us into Universal Harmony and an expression for Divine Will.


Also an inner work to bring the 3 lower bodies physical(+etheric duble) mental and emotional(astral) into One Harmonic coordinated whole that the Soul /Higher Self or Spirit can work through. The 3 become 1, which has an ´higher equivalent analogy´ of 1 in 3 . ( Highest in the unerstanding of The Trinity as 1 in 3 ; 1 behind and 3 in outer manifestation, and several triadic expressions down to the 3 fold lowest nature )


When the lower sheaths are purified along with the personality, the higher ´Solar´ radiance can shine through a clarified reflection and higher will can flow /work unobstructed through, the inner fire blaze stronger forth and the bodily cells can become spheres of radiant glory.



When the lower 3fold nature is subjugated, coordinated and cleansed the Soul or Solar Angel can ´downpour´ and integrate , its force can downpour , the soul can then fully take control of the brain, and be the master of its temple (in service ), progressingly under influence and will of its own higher self ; the Monad . The monad can be seen as the ´higher self ´of the (soul) ´higher self ´.


The full ´downpouring´ of Soul force is ´ideally blended ´with the event of the uprising of the Breath of Fire ( the lower fire of kundalini ) which vitalises, cleanses , integrates and electrifices , burns what hinders and reveals and illuminate what is hidden.


These 2 events can work perfectly together fitted as long as the kundalini has not been seeked to be rised prematurily and unwise, which can burn off protective tissue and veils too soon and cause damage in a variaty of ways to the lower bodies and phyche.


The needed subjugation and control of the serpent fire energy ,sexual energy in The Great Work is symbolised in the Tarot Card Strength.






The Vase

” The Vase represents what alchemists call
the “vase of art,” In Philalethes* Fount of
Chemical Truth , we read: “When we speak of our vessel and our fire, we mean by bothexpressions, our water, nor is our furnace
anything diverse or distinct from our water.

There is then one vessel, one furnace, one
fire, and all these make up one water. The
fire digests, the vessel whitens and pene-
trates, the furnace is the bond which c empris-
es and encloses all, and these three are our
Mercury ”


” The conditions underwhich it (personal kundalini aspect ) may be brought into activity safely include ; purity of mind and desire, high aspirations and ideals ; utter unselfishness in actions. Fortunately it is dormant in most persons. We say “ fortunately” because it’s a tremendous force, as potent for destruction debasement as for integration and illumination. It may not be trifled with. ”


Important questions in self -evaluation in the Great work of the Ageless Wisdom.
“ Is my study and work transmuting the base metal of my personality
into gold of real attainment ? Are my desires becoming purer , my
mental processes clearer , my intuition better defined ? “


– Paul Foster Case ( Tarot fundementals 1936)



There are of course more to be said/ understood about the The pictoral symbol named ” Temperence” than the angel symbolising the higher self /soul /solar angel in man, and to perform the Great Work we must take that Angel /Higher Self in the hand and work together, but i will end it here, and leave for others to make own intepretations.


The greater goal of ´the Great Work ´ is to take part in ones share of the Greater Work .


– Elena Santini


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Sacred White Sage, and Salvias

Sages, Salvias





Salvia comes from Salvare which in latin means ´to heal ´–
And Salvere _ to be healthy.

There are several  great Salvias / Sages, with several medicinal, physical and metaphysical healing benefits and proberties, and  soothing herbaceous balsamic scents. Sacred White  Sage,  Blue Mountain Sage,  Mexican Sage, Greek Sage, Salvia Divornum par example  or other Sage/ Salvia .



Sacred White Sage –  Salvia Apiana





Sages are generally very purifying, cleansing and protective and healing.





Sages are very potent as cleansing,  antiseptic, purifying, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial, astringent, cicatrizant, antioxidant, depurative, digestive, disinfectant,  expectorant, febrifuge, laxative, stimulant, deodorant, aromatherapy, tea,  sedative, tonics, balancing, relaxing, uplifting.



Sacred White Sage  smudge or oil burning is  vey effective in banishing negative
energies/spirits, and cleansing auras, space, healing places or ceremonial  areas.


Dilution of Pure Essential Oils  : Dilute a small amount of drops Pure Essential Oil / etheric oil in cleansed water spray eg with some colloidal silver for aroma / healing / deodorant / natural scented attar or cleansing spray or pure organic essential oil or pure organic herb powder in a neutral organic vegetable carrier oil.


For Aroma therapy dilute a few drops pure essential oil in water in aroma burner or diffuser.





Besides metaphysical proberties, health benefits may include :

Sage Organic Facts https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/essential-oils/sage-essential-oil.html



– Elena Santini


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Disclaimer : All plant, herb information on this page is for education purpose, with roots in ancient natural healing and medicine lore. Inluxia or Elena will not be responsible of any unwise or improber use of plants or herbs. Always seek medicinal practioner advice for cure or treatment of any illness.

The Light Path of Masonry, as of old by Manly P Hall


The Light Path of Masonry, as of old by Manly P Hall



•Excerpt from The Lost Keys of Free Masonry
•The correalations between ´Initiantions Human and Solar ´ with those of
true higher masonry and Sirius
•Final commentary by author, Elena





The Essential  point here is the Will to Serve ( The higher Spiritual or Divine Will ), not weather we call it ´mason ´ or another label, as it doesnt need a label. The Way or The Path doesnt need a label, neither does the one that serves.  To truly walk the path, one must become the path.


1) Some Essentials of the Light Path of Masonry, (as of old ) by Manly P Hall in this beautiful exerpt, that is path of unselfishness, service and purification.


“ The true Master Mason enters his lodge with one thought uppermost in his mind: “How can I, as an individual, be of greater use in the Universal Plan? What can I do to be worthy to comprehend the mysteries which are unfolded here?
How can I build the eyes to see the things which are concealed from those who lack spiritual understanding?”


The true Mason is supremely unselfish in every expression and application of the powers that have been entrusted to him. No true Brother seeks anything for himself, but unselfishly labors for the good of all. No person who assumes a spiritual obligation for what he can get out of it is worthy of applying for the position even of water-carrier. The true Light can come only to
those who, asking nothing, gladly give all to it.

The true brother of the Craft, while constantly striving to improve himself, mentally, physically, and spiritually through the days of his life, never makes his own desires the goal for his works ….


The Master Mason knows that those most useful to the Plan are those who have gained
the most from the practical experiences of life. It is not what goes on within the tiled lodge which is the basis of his greatness, but rather the way in which he meets the problems of daily life.


The true Masonic student is known by his brotherly actions and common sense…


Let him also realize that failure to live mentally, spiritually, and morally up to one’s highest ideals constitutes the greatest of all broken oaths.


When a Mason swears that he will devote his life to the building of his Father’s house and then defiles his living temple through the perversion of mental power, emotional force, and active energy, he is breaking a vow which imposes not hours but ages of misery.


If he is worthy to be a Mason, he must be great enough to restrain the lower side of his own nature…
His life is the only prayer acceptable in the eyes of the Most High.
An impure life is a broken trust; a destructive action is a living curse; a narrow mind is a strangle-cord around the throat of God…



Only those who have been weighed in the balance and found to be true, upright, and square have prepared themselves by their own growth to appreciate the inner meanings of their Craft.
To the rest of their brethren within or without the lodge their sacred rituals must remain, as Shakespeare might have said, “Words, words, words.”


Within the Mason’s own being is concealed the Power, which,
blazing forth from his purified being, constitutes the Builder’s Word. His life is the sole password which admits him to the true Masonic Lodge…. “


The Lost Keys of Freemasonry
Manly P Hall



For the True Lodge of the Mason is the Universe. Freed of limitations of creed and sect, he stands a master of all faiths, and those who take up the study of Freemasonry without realizing the depth, the beauty, and the spiritual power of its philosophy can never gain anything of permanence from their studies.
The age of the Mystery Schools can be traced by the student back to the dawn of time, ages and aeons ago, when the Temple of the Solar Man was in the making.
– Manly P Hall




The White Magician consecrates his life to study, meditation, and service, that he may know the law and may direct force to its appointed ends. He mods himself into the plan, becoming part of the divine rhythm by sacrificing himself and his wishes to the will of the Infinite, asking only to know wherein his duty lies and how he may be of the greatest service to the greatest number. ”

– Manly P Hall , A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics

AA Bailey 1st Rule of White Magic

” The Solar Angel (Soul ) collects himself, scatters not his force, but, in meditation deep, communicates with his reflection. ”







´ Higher and Lower Group identification.´

Flock humans consciousness with ´herd mentality´,
pat eachothers backs, and glamor eachother in emotional flatter often even in insincerity or unrealistic,
real or ´higher ´ group feeling is pure and free of such.

A true ´masonic´ or anyother ´brother´ has the courage to stand alone yet being able to work perfectly in a group.
Flock mentality is based in fear or ´instinctual fear / survival mechanism´, a true brotherhood of beings is based in love ( or love light ) .
The ´duality of that flockmentality ´; that or whom that may pat your back one minute, might stab it the next

*From the angle ´below upwards´ as man progress on the Path he becomes less and less driven by the diverse ´ instinctual habits / mechanisms ´.







Correlation of ´Initiations Human and Solar ´ with those of (true) ´Higher Masonry ´


“One great fact to be borne in mind is that the initiations of the planet or of the solar system are but the preparatory initiations of admission into the greater Lodge on Sirius. …The first four initiations of the solar system prior to the first cosmic initiation. The fifth initiation corresponds to the first cosmic initiation. that of “entered apprentice” of the Lodge Sirius. The sixth initiation is analogous to the second degree in Masonry, whilst the seventh initiation makes the Adept a Master Mason of the Brotherhood of Sirius. A Master, therefore, is one who had taken the seventh planetary initiation, the fifth solar initiation, and the first Sirian or cosmic initiation.”        A .A Bailey .







The Symbols that Masonry has used is a reflection of older times Ancient Symbols par example Egyptian, some even traceable to Atlantean time, are today like Free Masonry in general , and ´secret societies´, and certain individuals often the target of new and old aged standard demonization, from religious sides, from the conspiracy and ´truther movement ´ and people who cant discern and discriminate well adds to all the online propaganda.

Old age religious stigmatation and demonization mixed with ´ new age´ propaganda and disinformation/misinformation, and agendadized conspiracy info spins has contributed to unjust persecutions of the meaning of of Ancient Symbols, of ´Illuminism ´ and the Esoteric and Occult itself without any discrimination.

There is a dark path of masonry going on, as well there still exist a true white /light path, like there are dark magicians as well as white magicians, dark occultist and white occultits etc , but many today judge it all without (right ) discrimination.
Block or blocks for (deeper) truth : Condemnation without any personal knowing, or personal experience or investigation or exploartion or discernment, condemnation without (right ) understanding or without patience to develop understanding, condemnation based on dogma, stigmatization & demonization based on dogma, or what the propaganda internet sites and propaganda youtube videos wants people to believe.


Ancient Symbols of Nature, the Universe and Micro Macro Cosmos, which in todays world is subjected to much old religious standard demonization, misintepretations of conspiracy theorists, propaganda, and youtube videos with distorted information and propaganda, often thin narratives without any in depth true knowledge or investigation, and diverse online disinformation, distortion and bias.

Relative often it also appears many of the propaganda videos and memes, feed the shadow projection mechanisms, and victim mentality of people, regardsless weather intentionally or not, the effect is there, to witness often, or soul disempowering fear mongering, all which is counter productive to eksoteric and esoteric phsychologial healing in regards of taking responsibility, in re-becoming whole and healed, and end all forms ´blame shifting ´ and diverse shadow projections. Accountabillity and self -responsibility are healing factors. Accountabillity comes to all sooner or later, its like a natural law.


Ancient Symbols of Nature, the Universe and Micro Macro Cosmos that are Ancient Symbols of The Ageless Wisdom .
– And mainstream pop inflation and perversion of the symbolism and use connected to money, greed, control, service to self and power of which the Symbols in their pure undistorted forms has Nothing to do with, as little as powerhungry people, celebreties money, fame, control or greed hungry people has anything to do with pure ´ illuminism´ and illumination, which is an internal, ,integral spiritual and bodily purifying/purified experience/process and path of integrity, and so also the word ILLUMINATI by its original meaning, has been wrongly given to and also wrongly ´selftaken by certain individuals´ and been misued to label immoral, corrupt powerhungry unscrupulous people .


– Elena Santini


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The Ageless Wisdom & The Great Work


The Ageless Wisdom & The Great Work


By Paul Foster Case, with commentary by author Elena
Patanjali excerpt.




” You must wholly alter your conception of sex in order to comprehend the Ancient Wisdom. It is the interior nervous organism, not the external organs, that is always meant in phallic symbolism, and the force that works through these interior centers is the great magical agent, the • divine serpent fire.”

•Part of the greater cosmic fire / force, cosmic electricity force ..


“Learning to control this magical agent, is part of the daily work of every student of the Ageless Wisdom ..
1. The sex-force has other uses than reproduction;
2. its misuse may consist either in employing it  for mere sense-pleasure, or else in repressing it, because it is supposed to be inimical to spiritual growth.

The needed subjugation and control of the serpent fire energy ,sexual energy in The Great Work is symbolised in the Tarot Card Strength.



“Clean living and control are indispensable. Control, however, implies right use, not suppression. ”  +  Transmutation.


” The third stage of unfoldment, though it makes use of, and modifies, the nerve-force which is ordinarily employed in the sex function, has nothing to do with that function itself. Right meditation releases and lifts up the “serpent-power,” (Kundalini) stored in a nerve center  at the base of the spine. In Yoga philosophy this is called the Muladhara chakra, or basic lotus. In modern physiology it is related to the sacral plexus. In these lessons it is called the Saturn center, and is thus  directly connected with the planet which rules the sign Aquarius. In meditation the force stored in this center is made to rise, so that it en-ergizes, in succession, six other centers, of which three are in the body,  one in the throat, and two in the head.

One step toward control is to establish a clear intellectual perception of the truth that all the various forms of physical existence are merely transformations of this one energy. All are disguises for the one thing. The essential nature of the one thing is Spirit. ”



” The conditions underwhich it (personal kundalini aspect ) may be brought into activity safely include ; purity of mind and desire, high aspirations and ideals ; utter unselfishness in actions. Fortunately it is dormant in most persons. We say “ fortunately” because it’s a tremendous force, as potent for destruction debasement as for integration and illumination.
It may not be trifled with. ”




Hunger and thirst are the two aspects of desire.


Book 3 – Sutra 30 ( Patanjali )
30-31. By fixing the attention upon the throat center, the cessation of hunger and thirst will ensue. By fixing the attention upon the tube or nerve below the throat center, equilibrium is achieved.
” Excerpt: On the astral or desire plane, within the astral body of the aspirant, must this balancing process be wrought out to completion. This is the great battleground, symbolized so beautifully for us in the human body, with its three higher centers, its lower energy focal points and that great middle center, the solar plexus, typifying the astral plane and its work. It will now be apparent why the two sutras are read as one, for they cover one completed work.
After achieving some measure of equilibrium, the aspirant learns to perfect that balancing process and gains the power to stand firm and immovable, preserving an unshakable equilibrium between the pairs of opposites. The nerve, called “kurma-nadi” or the “tortoise tube” is the physical correspondence to the point the aspirant has reached “
The true significance of the above sutras which are here bracketed together, grows out of an understanding of the transmutative process and the transference which is effected in the solar plexus.
The energy of the sacral center which feeds the generative organs is in due course of time transferred into the throat center. The creative process is then carried on by thought, sound and the spoken Word. Hunger and thirst are the two aspects of desire, the one, hunger, being positive, masculine and grasping; the other, thirst, being negative, feminine and receptive. Those two words are but symbols of the two great impulses underlying the sex impulse. When these impulses are dominated and controlled, then the energy of the center lying behind the organs concerned, can be carried upward to the throat, and hunger and thirst are arrested in the esoteric sense. It should be borne in mind here that these two words are the physical plane analogies to the great pairs of opposites which the yogi has to balance and which he does balance when the solar plexus is performing its highest function.”
Its Science and Effect
withe comentary by AA Bailey / DK
” Hitherto the mind has either been prostituted to material ends or has been deified. Through the science of Raja Yoga, the mind will be known as the instrument of the soul and the means whereby the brain of the aspirant becomes illuminated and knowledge gained of those matters which concern the realm of the soul.
It should be noted that the translation is not literal, and is not an exact definition of each original Sanskrit term. It is an attempt to put into clear and understandable English the exact meaning, insofar as it is possible to do so through the medium of that non-elastic and unimaginative tongue. The student may find it of use in the study of these sutras to compare the rendition here given, with the various other procurable translations. “





“Here we approach the difficulty of Ageless Wisdom. In order to persform the Great Work, we must undertake the initial stages as if we were doing something of our own volition, by our own power. Certainly it seems that way . It involves a distinct sense of effort. There is deliberate exercise of power. ways and means are carefully selected. The initial steps in the Work requires strict self-dicipline. No person who does not dereminendly “ Take himself in hand” ever performs the Gret Work of regeneration .

Because few persons have courage and persistence to continue the preliminary work in spire of its appearent fruitlessness, and because not many choose to practice resolute denial of self will required by every occult system of discipline, the number of adepts in proportion to the worlds population is small. No suspension of the discipline, for any reason whatever, can be made for the adherents of any school or teacher. The discipline is not imposed by men or higher beings. It is the consequence of natural laws of physical and mental growt. ”


” The true function of personality is an instrument for Divine Will.”


  ” The Vase held in the Angels hand in the card Temperence show that The Great Work cannot succed, unless human personality is taken in hand by the Higher Self. ”

•  The Angel in card represent the Higher Self /Soul /Solar Angel of man



“The attitude of personal surrender it typifies is developed in the fifth stage of unfoldment. In this mental attitude, which is exactly the reverse of that held by most persons, we learn the secret of true repose, the arcanum of eternal rest. For when all things, from least to greatest, are done through us and not by us, then fatigue is banished. He who is really guided by the Life-power in all things wastes neither time nor strength. Best of all, such a person has forgotten how to be anxious about anything.”


“The Life-power is the real, and only, Artist. It accomplishes the Great Work in and through us.”

” People of little understanding are always bringing against this teaching the accusation that by it men seek to save themselves. It is, they say, an endeavor to lift man up by his own boot-straps. This is untrue. Ageless Wisdom again and again proclaims the folly of the man who thinks he can save himself. It tells us that little by little the Life-power ripens its personal centers to the point where they become able to understand and apply the perfect law of liberty. Each person s liberation is a particular fulfillment of cosmic law, and from another point-of-view we must regard it as being a true work of “grace,” as an example of the perfect self-impartation of the One Life to one of its personal aspects. “






•  Important questions in self -evaluation in the Great work of the Ageless Wisdom.
“ Is my study and work transmuting the base metal of my personality
into gold of real attainment ? Are my desires becoming purer , my
mental processes clearer , my intuition better defined ? “



” The Ageless Wisdom is an expression of direct experience,
possible for all, but known to relatively few.”




” I have said that the regenerated man has a Solar con-
sciousness. Other occultists speak of his having a solar
body. The two statements are really one.


• Another way of expressing similar what Paul says here  is when the Solar consciouness dominate or have subjugated the lunar forces of the body , when the SOUL light (light of the Solar Angel ), when that Solar light is pervading the whole microcosmic system, and is the only light on the microcosmic heaven and not the lunar light or lunar pitris,
Further understanding can relate to other stages of identification with the Solar Logos of this solar system…and Solar Intelligence



-Paul Foster Case
– Excerpts from Tarot Fundementals, and – Tarot Revelations
*Excerpt from ´The True and Invisible Rosicrusian Order´ -Paul Foster Case





The greater goal of ´The Great Work´ is to be fit for service and take part in ones share of the ´Greater Work´ .








– Elena Santini


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In reality or ideally it should be the ´Higher Self´ controlling the brain. – In Raja Yoga the mind is but an instrument of the Soul

In reality or ideally it should be the ´Higher Self´ controlling the brain.

In Raja Yoga the mind is known only to be an instrument of the Soul or true self.


When the chitta (or mind stuff) is stilled the Soul can reflect through ;
When the water is still and the surface does not reflect or ripple from surroundings, the soul can reflect clear through, and so also when the emotional body is cleansed, clear and still the soul can reflect through it.
The clear water metaphorically is a state of serenity and calmness.



6 stages of Meditation by Patanjali
1. Aspiration,
2. Concentration,
3. Meditation,
4. Contemplation,
5. Illumination,
6. Inspiration.




Through contemplation, meditation, concentration and observation Discernment can be made between 1 ) The one who thinks (The Soul as the real Thinker ) 2 ) what is used to think with and 3 ) What is thought ( the thought content ).


Before the Soul has its ´rightful place´ as thinker and ** transmit via mind and brain from its own and higher planes, thoughts are merely very generally speaking a reflection / feedback of outside organ sensous perception rapported to the brain, and set in motion in the mind.  Before that peoples thoughts are merely a feedback /influenced/ created by outside circumstances, influenced by what they read, what others say, by memory, what they are taught, or conscious or unconscious or sub conscious bodily or emotional desires or impulses ´veiled´ in thought forms or veiled / dressed in ´mental matter substance´ or influneced by by what lays in the whole mental sphere of new, old and ancient thoughts forms.


A question can also be for discernment or observation who is using the mind and thoughts or thought substance ; the soul or the personality ( lower egoic reflection ) .. or a blend as in the Soul inspires and influence its ´ lower reflection´ .



The bridge from the mind merely being imprinted and set in motion from the outside is ; Independent thinking and ´ think for yourself´ is part of
• Development of the ´Mental Subtle Body´ ( and becomming self-responsible of thoughts), as in learning to generate thoughts by one self,  independent (inner ) thought activity and Consciously Focus a thought process which can eventual lead to abstract thinking and higher thinking ( higher mental plane ).
This combined with meditation or concentration and contemplation can lead to abllity of mental clarity and abillity of ´ stillness of thoughts ´, abillity of * Calming the thought -fire,  abillity of controlling the thought fire,  controlling the mental fire and thought.


By calming the thought fire it naturally easier allows the Soul/ Higherself to use the mental faculties and thought.



The mental or mind is a tool or mediator between Soul and brain for soul-consciousness to be transferred and reflected ´downward and outward ´ , that which the Soul knows, what the Soul sees and understands … until the mental plane can be ´substitued´ by pure spiritual ´perception ´, ´ pure spiritual revelation ´ and direct perception independent of the sense organs.



Development of the Mental Subtle Body : Ways of thinking in developing of the ´mental body ´; logic thinking, rational thinking, intuitive thinking, clear thinking, correlational thinking, creative thinking, pure reasoning thinking,  induktive /deductive thinking, abstract and higher thinking ( eg. influenced by Soul /Higher Self / higher consciousness streams), discerning thinking, analytical thinking, critical thinking, visual thinking,  symbolic thinking, holistic thinking, pure thinking (which can relate to 1) unprejudiced thinking but other ways as well, eg 2 ) the plane of pure thought or pure idea ), independent thinking + development of the mental faculty ´buddhi ´ for right discrimination and development of discernment ability.





The Soul or the true self can stand independent of the mind, observing it, or controlling it and using it as an instrument.


As well as ithe Soul can fully control the brain and organs and the entire lower nature through its subjugation.


Raja Yoga : by the right practise practise of Raja Yoga stabilization in Soul and Soul consciousness can be attained, and illumination of the mind by the Soul.


Light in the head / – Light in the brain makes it easier to see through glamor, maya, illusion, delusion, falseness and decievements. Light of the soul , oversoul or ´higher self´ poured into the brain . The ´ cold clear light´ in the head.
´Heavenly light ´ is cold  . . . (metaphorically speaking) . . . . . and ” the cold light of north ” . . . . ( and ´hell´ is hot as they say… )

In reality or ideally it should be the ´Higher Self´ controlling the brain.


Free Your Brain .. , ..into clarity, and light ,


In reality or ideally it should be the ´Higher Self´ controlling the brain.
Who or what is controlling your brain ?
The Soul or ´Higher Self ´as the ´real thinker´, emotional reactions yours or others, impulses or desires veiled in thought matter, sense stimuli, instinctual matters, politics, food, sex, carnal desires, ´pleasure seeking/ pain seeking´, memory, propaganda, worries, fears, infiltrated masters, false or distorted  paradigmes, zombie mass spirituality fogging the brain, archonic parasites or implants , or religious implants individual or collective etc .







” 1. Illumination of perception.
The light of the soul pours forth and the man on the physical plane, in his brain consciousness, is thereby enabled to perceive that which before was dark and hidden from him. The process may technically be described in the following concise terms:
a. Meditation,
b. Polarization in the soul or egoic consciousness,
c. Contemplation, or the turning of the soul-light upon that which is to be known or investigated,
d. The subsequent pouring down of the knowledge ascertained, in a “stream of illumination” into the brain, via the sutratma, the thread-soul, silver cord, or magnetic link. This thread passes through the mind and illumines it. The thoughts engendered
in the automatic response of the chitta (or mind stuff) to the knowledge conveyed, are then impressed upon the brain and the man, in his physical consciousness, becomes cognizant of what the soul knows. He becomes illumined.
As this process becomes more frequent and steady, a change takes place in thephysical man. He becomes more and more synchronized with the soul. The time element in transmission recedes into the background and the illumination of the field of knowledge by the light of the soul and the illumining of the physical brain, becomes an instantaneous happening.
The light in the head increases in a corresponding degree and the third eye develops and functions. On the astral and mental plane a corresponding [Page 254] “eye” develops, and thus the ego or soul can illumine all the three planes in the three worlds as well as the soul realm.
2. Lucidity of consciousness. A man becomes lucid and clear sighted. He is conscious of a growing power in himself which will enable him to explain and solve all problems, and not only this, but “lucidly to speak” and thus become one of the teaching forces of the world. All knowledge, consciously acquired by self
illumination must be shared, and clearly imparted to others. It is the corollary of illumination. “
[Page 262]
1. An instantaneous control of mind at will, producing
a. A still mind, free from thought forms,
b. A quiescent responsive brain.
2. A downflow into the physical brain of the consciousness of the perceiver, the soul. “


–  The Light of the Soul – its science and effect ´ Patanjali Yoga Sutra  by AAB  / DK





Patanjali Keys  : One pointed concentration, meditation, contemplation, inner recollection , dicipline , aspiration , inspiration ,
<> 1. Practise , 2. Purification, 3. Discrimination , 4. Discernment , 5) Withdrawl


– Elena Santini


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Symbols are but symbols and not literal that to which they refer. Symbols of Tarot.




Symbols are but symbols and not literal that to which they refer.



Symbols of Tarot.

Symbols are but symbols and not literal that to which they refer. Eg if people understood the real meaning of tarot, theyd be ´enligthened´, self knowledgeable, liberated and understand how Natural Law works *if they chose selfwork, experiental knowledge ( ´self initiation´ ) and self responsibility over dogma.
Not divination, but keys reflecting the inner and outer current universe of which we are embodied in on cosmic and physical subcosmic planes.
Eg the ´devil´ in its meaning is but a symbol of selfchosen bondage of man, to which liberation awaits those who sees the Light, their Inner Spiritual Light, and in the way that light ( + higher love, wisdom and knowledge ) is applied and integrated, to liberate the soul from physical / material bondage and astral link-connect ,´ eventually to stand free in / of the 3 lower worlds´ (physical, emotional, and mental ) -from the unreal into the real .

Tarot is an expression of pictoral keys of ´ageless or ancient wisdom´ , preserved through symbols, that speaks to ones inner consciousness, subconsciousness and  consciousness and (latent ) knowledge individually and collectively of our shared micro, macro cosmic universe.




• The understanding, intepretation and study of Symbols is a great way of training the Intuition.



Revelation, perfect meditation, inspiration, purification and refinement of the senses are one level some of the symbolic keys in the card XVII The Star ☆






Below a few Excerpts from Pauls Foster Case ´s Tarot Fundamentals . An insightful man ..


1 The Magician

“Subconsciousness, you will recall, is represented by the garden in Key 1.
The fertile soil of this garden will grow any seed planted by the Magician.
If he plants careless observations and incorrect reasoning, the weeds of conscious thought, subconsciousness will develop these seeds of error a thousandfold, with all sorts of uncomfortable consequences.


On the otherhand, if you learn to concentrate, to rnake your mental imagery clear and definite, if you make accurate observations from which you draw correct inferences, the seed you plant in your subconscious garden will bear fruit in the renewal, revivification and regeneration of your personality.”
The Magician symbolizes perfect concentration. He represents the power expressed by him who is able to make his mind “one-pointed.” Nature conceals
nothing from the person who has learned to watch.


“ Geometrically the number 1 is a point , particularily , the Central Point .
In the pattern on the Thresteboard the statement attributed :
“ I am a center expression of the Primal Will –to-good which eternally creates and sustains the universe “ .
The beginning of the creative process is the concentration of
Life –Power at the center , and its expression through that center . The Sun of our Solar – System is such a Center .
It transmits the Life-Power as Radiant energy .
This idea is shown in 2 ways by the letter Beth printed on Key 1
Personality is the center through which the Spirit or real self of man expresses itself . “


“The Magician typifies the beginning or inception of the process whereby limitless possibilities of the Life-Power are brought into expression as manifested actualities . The Key represents the initiation of the creative process on all planes “
1 Primal will.
O (Zero ) : no thing , undifferentiated power
preceeding all manifestation, unknown, immeasurable, eternal Source.
Therefore is the Sun placed high in the heavens behind
the Fool, and the force that the Magician draws down
from above and directs upon the garden below him is that same Solar energy.
Thus, in the garden of the Magician, grow the lilies of
right knowledge.




The White Rose


“ The Rose : represents desire.
Its thorns symbolize pain. Its bloom typifies beauty and joy
It is White like the SUN, to intimate that through right cultivation of desire nature we may bring it into unison with Primal Will. To control the Desire Nature , to cultivate it aright, to use it so that we may enjoy the beauty it can bring us without suffering the pains resulting from abuse – this is one of the great practical secrets . “
“ Freemasonry preserves a tradition of older esoteric schools when it says the compasses are “ to circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds “


” In all the universe there is only ONE Will-power. It is the power expressed through all the various laws of life. Through want of right discriminiation a man may suppose himself to have something he calls “ will “ . He may go so far in his delusions as to suppose he can pit that imaginary “ will “ of his
against the laws of life . He who can discriminate is not so deluded . hence , in Tarot , the key picturing the true Will –power , and mans relation to it , follows the Key which represents Discrimination .”


Powers of Will  <>The Transcending Will, The Will of The Transcended One, The Ascending Will, The Descending Will. The Transmitting Will, The Transforming Will, The Transfiguring Will. The Will to Be, The Will to Withdrawl, The Will to Create ,The Will to Destroy, The Will to Build and The Will to Rebuild. The Will to Sacrifice
– Elena




The High Priestess. This we have identified with what is variously labeled by modern psychology as “subconscious,” “subliminal,” or “subjective” mind. It has
been called also “transliminal consciousness,” and there is much in fa- vor of this term. “Transliminal” means “across the threshold,” and in some respects this seems to be a more accurate description of the consciousness symbolized by the High Priestess. It is certainly more in accord with the Tarot symbolism. For one thing, it conveys no impression of inferiority, as do the terms “subconscious” and “subliminal.”


” Understand first that Tarot Cards do not put something into your consciousness , they call forth what is already there “
” Over the portals of the ancient temples was therefore the motto ” Know thyself ” . For the same reason it is written ” Seeek ye first the kingdom of God ” and ” the kingdom of God is within you ” .
” The tarot will bring out the knowledge that is within you , this knowledge is more important to you than anything else .”
” Never will you be denied the joy of making fresh discoveries, the happiness of finding new beauties in this wisdom-teaching.”








Symbols are but symbols                                         

“While the ignorant multitudes brought their offerings to the altars of the gods, the wise recognized in these marble statues only symbolic concretions of great abstract truths.” – Manly P. Hall




– Elena Santini


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